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Robotics, Summer Camps

Robotics Summer Camps in 2020 for Kids Aged 7 to 14

If your child is excited about robots, why not use that love of all things electronic to engage them and develop their creativity? An early exploration into robotics can bring out many applicable skills some of which can be taken...

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12th February 2020

Summer Camps, Tech Courses

15 Best STEM Summer Camps in London and the UK

STEM summer camps give your child the opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering and maths. But please don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s going to be just like going to school. The STEM summer camps in London and...

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23rd July 2019

Minecraft, Summer Camps

Minecraft coding for kids: How it can set your child up for life

Minecraft is the best-selling online computer game that has, quite literally, taken the Internet by storm; packed out supermarket shelves with plastic merchandise; and sold out cinemas worldwide thanks to a brand-new movie.   Kids are...

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15th July 2019

Game Design, Holiday Camp, Summer Camps

8 Video Game Camps for Kids This Summer Near You

If your child loves gaming, a video game camp can be a great way to keep them entertained and productive over the summer. FunTech offers a wide range of fun video game design camps in London and the surrounding counties, all in a...

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8th July 2019

Engineering, Summer Camps

What Does STEM Stand for in Education & School?

In 2001 the US National Science Foundation introduced the acronym STEM. Since then the name has become hugely important in education, careers, and even politics. Chances are you will have heard it as a parent. But what does STEM stand...

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8th July 2019

Holiday Camp, Summer Camps

4 Best Kids Coding Languages to Start Them Programming

Around the world we communicate using thousands of different languages. Now, thanks to advances in modern technology, coding programs allow us to convey instructions to computers and robots in order to communicate with them.   Scratch,...

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8th July 2019

Coding, Summer Camps

Why Coding is Important for Kids: 7 Reasons All Parents Should Know

From smart cars that drive themselves to augmented reality and advanced computer algorithms serving personalised content, we live in a digital fuelled era. What is fresh news today will be lost in the ether tomorrow.   Due to living in...

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2nd July 2019

Childcare Vouchers

Summer Camps, Uncategorised

15 Summer Camps That Accept Childcare Vouchers This Year

The summer can be a challenging for many working parents. Having to come up with plans to keep your child occupied and active can take time, and it then there’s the cost.   You can cover some of that cost with Childcare Vouchers, but...

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27th June 2019

Holiday Camp, Summer Camps, Touch typing

How touch typing is an essential skill all children should learn

When we think of essential life skills for our children, touch typing isn’t something that is often discussed. But that really shouldn’t be the case, as learning to touch type is one of the most valuable skills that a child can learn....

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19th June 2019

Coding, Holiday Camp, Robotics, Summer Camps

The Best Summer Camps for Teens with an Inquisitive Mind

Over the last decade there has been an increase in demand for teen summer camps. They can keep your teenager active and engaged, whilst learning new skills, making friends, and seeing new places.   Whilst there are a huge variety of...

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19th June 2019