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8 Video Game Camps for Kids This Summer Near You

If your child loves gaming, a video game camp can be a great way to keep them entertained and productive over the summer. FunTech offers a wide range of fun video game design camps in London and the surrounding counties, all in a structured, safe, and secure classroom environment.

Our kid’s video game design courses are a practical way for busy parents to keep their children busy over summer. But they aren’t just about keeping young mind’s occupied; a video game summer camp could put your child on the path to an interesting career and help them advance at school.

The FunTech Video game programming camps run from a wide range of locations in London, plus also take place in Chester, Maidenhead, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading, and Tonbridge. You can see all the camp locations in our course location finder to see if there is a video game camp near you.

We also accept Childcare Vouchers which you can redeem against any of our video game camps for kids.

8 of the best video game design camps


Off all the kids’ Video game summer camps we run in London and elsewhere, which would be best for your child?


The right video game design course you choose for your child will be determined by how old they are, what their interests are, and the available locations.

Here’s a selection of some of the amazing kid’s video game camps currently available at FunTech, with a brief explainer on each one. Click the book online buttons to see what locations are available near to you.


#1: Minecraft with Mods Summer Camp – Ages 7 to 10


Kids love Minecraft. It’s one of the most popular video games from the last 10 years and actually has some educational benefits which we’ve listed previously.

If your child loves Minecraft, this video game programming camp will be the perfect choice.

Each day, your child will uncover more Minecraft secrets, and then move onto modifying the game by developing their own blocks, items, creatures and even the Minecraft landscapes themselves.



#2: Minecraft Redstone Electronics Summer Camp – Ages 9 to 12


For older children, our Minecraft Redstone camp is a great choice.

Your child will learn how to combine different circuits and complex electronic items such as calculators, elevators and more to build their own amazing adventure course.

It’s a challenging summer camp that involves electronics, mathematics, and inventing, all underpinned with the Minecraft Redstone digital engineering platform.



#3: Scratch Coding Summer Camp – Ages 7 to 10


Scratch video game coding for kids is the ideal summer camp for kids who have a passion to learn the basics of computer programming.

They will use a visual editor to design their own fun animations, games, sounds, and stories.

Come the end of the week, they will have built their own science project with a programmed Ozobot that can race, dance, and compete with other kids’ creations.



#4: 2D Game Design Summer Camp – Ages 9 to 13


This kids’ video game camp is a superb introduction to game design. With hands-on exercises and projects, your child will quickly grasp the skills needed to build their own interactive project.


It’s a fun summer camp that includes elements of problem solving, digital media creation, core coding concepts, game-based exercises, and much more.


At the end of the week they will come home having built their own video game which you and all of their friends can play!

#5: 3D Game Design Summer Camp – Ages 10 to 14

For a slightly older age group, our 3D game design camp will take their passion for video games and turn that into proactive learning with the aid of our expert tutors.

It includes the fundamentals of video game design as your child learns the skills required to develop a seriously impressive multi-platform program.

It’s a week chock-full of fun exercises, structured learning, and impressive video game projects that will capture a kid’s imagination and unleash their inner creativity.

#6: Roblox Game Maker Summer Camp – Ages 9 to 12

Our Roblox summer camp is ideal for beginners who want to learn programming concepts and digital skills.

Your child will design and build a digital obstacle course which they can then publish as their own video game to share with their friends.

Roblox Game Maker provides a world of possibility that can help your child unleash their creativity and build skills for the future using a game they already know and love.

#7: Python Game Developer Summer Camp – Ages 11 to 16

Python is a programming language that is particularly good for kids wanted to learn how to code. Of all the various languages out there, it’s the one which we really encourage children to learn due to the minimal and easy to read style.

This is our most advanced video game design camp and is designed for older kids who have some experience of coding already.

In this summer camp your child will learn the power of object-oriented coding (OOP) and apply these skills to create an impressive collection of interactive 2D video games.

#8: Java Coder Summer Camp – Ages 11 to 16

This is another FunTech video game summer camp that is a little more advanced than the rest, hence the 11 to 16 age recommendation.

Your child will learn the syntax of the core coding constructs such as conditional statements and loops plus how these are used to achieve techniques like sequencing, selection, branching and iteration.

It’s a fast-paced course that focuses on problem solving using Java programming code, with the end result being an interesting game-based project to take home.

Why video game design can lead to a bright future

All of the FunTech kid’s summer camps for kids have a core STEM focus, with a focus on using gaming to engage and teach your child.

We take what possible concerns you might have as a parent about the amount of screen time your child has playing games and help turn it into a more productive talent.

At FunTech we also believe that video gaming can actually improve essential aspects of their development (and there’s research to back this up too).

To find out more, we recommend reading our blog post that shows how game design can offer kids a bright future.

Here is a small selection of some of the positives we list in that article.

  • Video game designers can bring stories to life and it could lead to an in-demand and ever-growing career opportunity.
  • There is already a skills shortage in the growing video games industry so your child could be setting themselves up for a future opportunity.
  • There’s good money to be earned in the video games industry, with designers earning around £40,000 a year on average.
  • Video game designers are getting paid for their passion so you child could end up in a job that they love and have an interest in.
  • A video game designer job isn’t just about technology but also combines multiple disciplines such as art and design.

Why book a kid’s video game summer camp with FunTech?

Our summer day camps are ideal for children who want to learn as well as for parents who want to help their children possibly have a brighter future.

When you book with FunTech you benefit from:

  • 8:1 pupil / teacher ratio.
  • Ofsted registered.
  • Childcare vouchers accepted.
  • 9am to 5pm times.
  • Structured (and fun) learning.
  • Over 21 years of experience.

FunTech summer camps are a fun way to keep your child happy and engaged, whist helping them to prepare for a digital future.

We are proud of the results our pupils go on to achieve.

In fact, in 2017, 75% of FunTech students achieved A* and A grades for GCSE Computer Science. That’s way above the national average of 20.6%.

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