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Admission to FunTech

Admission to FunTech is at the discretion of the Principal or it’s delegates. No student may be admitted until the Enrolment Form has been completed and the terms and conditions signed by a parent or legal guardian and returned to FunTech, together with the enrolment fee of £55.00


FunTech Authority

FunTech reserves the right to take steps it reasonably believes to be necessary to maintain discipline, ensure safety and wellbeing of staff and students.


Late Enrolments

Where an enrolment has taken place after our first week of the academic year, FunTech will discuss scheduling catch-up sessions to ensure your child has covered all the content. Whist these catch-ups are scheduled or underway you are required to bring your account up to date and inline with the payment schedules below.


Paying Annually

Full payment must be received within 14 calendar days of receiving the invoice to receive a 5% discount. This payment can be received via Direct Debit and Bank Transfer. Please note, catch-up and any other payments will be taken via Direct Debit therefore you are still required to sign up to a Direct Debit.


Paying Monthly

Monthly fees are paid a month in advance via Direct Debit.

View your payment plan based on which course your child attends and when they enrolled. Where an enrolment has been received after the start of the academic year, your initial payment may differ to the remainder of your monthly payments.



Please note: An Enrolment Fee and Catch-up fees (if any) are also taken via Direct Debit. Where a catch-up has taken place, you will be notified of the fee and advised of when it will be taken from your account.


Late Fee

Where a Direct Debit setup has been cancelled and therefore we are unable to collect your payment by the 5th of the month, a late fee of £20.00 will be added to your account.

Late fees are applied to each monthly instalment that is late for example 1 month in arrears = £20.00, two months in arrears = £40.00, three months in arrears = £60.00 and so on, for payments that are 2.4 months in arrears the months will be rounded up and late fees applied accordingly.


Late Arrivals, Early Departures or Missing Lessons

For students arriving late, leaving early or missing a lesson, FunTech may request that your child take supplementary individual tuition. Where there is no available lesson running that week a catch-up will be required, please click here to see these rates.


Catch-up Lessons

Please notify us in advance of the lesson going to be missed and should we have the same lesson running that week with an available space, we will be happy to offer this to you as an alternative, free of charge.

If you are either unable to attend the alternative lesson offered (or that we are now running the following week’s classes, then there is a catch-up fee depending on the course that your child has enrolled onto. Please click here to see the prices of these.

As Catch-ups are usually one-to-one sessions, if we require a little longer you will not incur any further charges.

Please note:

  • If you need to cancel a catch-up lesson for any reason the fee is still applicable unless 48 hours’ notice is given.
  • Catch-up fees (if any) are taken via Direct Debit. Where a catch-up has taken place, you will be notified of the fee and advised of when it will be taken from your account, usually the following month.


Financial Difficulties

If at any point you have difficultly in meeting your agreed payments, please contact a member of staff in our Accounts Department on 01628 621216 or email

Please note: if we have not heard from you before your payment is due, late fees will apply.


Tuition and Examination Fees are Non-Returnable

No reduction in fees is made in respect of absence from FunTech during any part of the official term, whether on account of illness or any other cause.


Suspension and Expulsion

FunTech reserves the right to suspend or remove any student whose attendance, work or behaviour is, in their reasonable opinion, unsatisfactory. Under such circumstances, FunTech will be under no obligation to return any fees.


Withdrawal from the Course

New Customers (All Courses)

As this is your first year with us, please don’t be alarmed by us sending you an annual invoice. This is a standard FunTech procedure as 95% of our customers stay with us year in, year out. In accordance with our terms and conditions, you are not obliged to stay beyond the first term. If you do decide to leave us, we will apply a credit note to your invoice for the remaining two terms or refund payments exceeding the first term. If you continue to term two you are considered an ‘Existing Customer’ and are signing up until the end of the course. For all future years there is commitment for the full course duration (please see ‘Existing Customers’ section).

Existing Customers

On completion of the very first term, you are committing until the end of the course duration, this is usually until the end of the academic year. Before signing up for the next course, a member of staff will be in touch to discuss this of which the commitment is for the full course duration.

Please note: most courses have a duration of one academic year including Fast Track iGCSE. The duration for Standard Track iGCSE and Standard Track A Level is two years.


Photography & Videoing at FunTech

From time to time FunTech will take photos and videos of children during their time with us. This content is solely for the use of advertising and marketing which may appear on third party material such as websites and leaflets. By enrolling your child onto a course with us, you are providing your consent to this. For further information on this or to opt out please email us detailing this to

Please provide the following information in your email: Name of Child and the course they are attending.


Personal Property

It is advisable that students do not bring with them any valuables. FunTech holds no responsibility for the loss and damage of any personal property.


Fair Processing Notice

This applies to the handling of your personal data.


Processing Information

FunTech will ensure that your data is processed fairly and lawfully. We will process information only where:

1. the law allows us to, or
2. you have given your consent, or
3. we have received a court order


Ensuring your personal information is safe and accurate

FunTech ensures that information held on our computer systems and in our paper filing systems is secure to guard against unauthorised or unlawful processing or accidental loss, destruction of, or damage to personal data. In order to carry out its functions FunTech may receive information about you from others or give information to others, but we can only do this in accordance with the law.

Any third parties from whom we receive personal data or to whom we pass personal data are also required to comply with GDPR regulations. FunTech only collects and records personal information that is necessary to carry out its functions, nothing more.

The information that we record is based on fact and, where opinion is recorded, it is relevant and backed up.


Data Sharing

FunTech will only share personal data with those organisations that it is legally able to, and where sharing personal data is necessary we will comply with GDPR regulations.


Retaining information

We will only retain information if a business need exists. It is not kept longer than is necessary for that purpose.



For any queries or concerns about The Childcare Register please contact FunTech Head Office on 01628 621216.

For direct queries to Ofsted please contact them on 0300 123 4234 or email


Method of Payment

  • Credit Cards / Debit Cards
  • Direct Debit