Frequently Asked Questions

What does a virtual class mean?

A virtual class is a scheduled interactive online lesson delivered by FunTech.

All our virtual software is Citrix driven and so extremely safe

How does the virtual class work?

All students receive a virtual orientation lesson before the start of their course.

For each lesson, your child will receive an email invitation containing a link allowing them to log onto our virtual classroom. We schedule a maximum of eight students who are predominately based in the UK, however, a few of our students have moved abroad due to parents work commitments and therefore log in from further afield.

The lessons themselves are the exact same as is delivered in our physical classroom. Through our virtual classroom environment, your child has the option to raise their hand, ask questions and also speak to the other students in their class (though we do have a mute all option '- just in case!)

FunTech teachers are able to pass control of their monitor to an individual student or share it amongst all the students. With permission, we can take control of a students' monitor to demonstrate concepts, share common mistakes or outstanding work as we would in a physical classroom.

All our virtual software is Citrix driven and so extremely safe

What do we need to join a virtual class?

Good internet connection, headphones with a microphone and a computer.

All our virtual software is Citrix driven and so extremely safe

What if my child is unable to attend the scheduled lesson?

If you notify us in advance we may be able to give you other options of when the same class is running. If we have spaces they are welcome to join that lesson at no extra charge. However, if not then they will have to do a catch-up lesson for which there is a charge (please see fees for charges)

If you are unable to notify us in advance then we will book a catch-up lesson for your child for which there is a standard catch-up fee (please see fees for charges)

Are the GCSEs and A Levels you teach the same as the school?

Yes, we are a registered examination centre and are able to offer exams in all subjects; however we elect to offer Computing and Mathematics.

Our centre number is 51518

For all our students we ask for the UCI (Unique Candidate Identification Number) which your child's school will assign. FunTech enters your child's examination entry under the same UCI number so that all their qualification results are recorded under one number.

What software is required?

For the Stepped Approach, your child will require Microsoft Office Professional and Adobe Web Standard, please contact our admin team to receive information on where to purchase these at educational rates '-

All other software is either provided or downloadable for free.

When do the lessons take place?

During term time we run classes Tuesday to Friday evenings and all day Saturday. Evening classes start at 4.30pm and Saturday classes start at 8.30am.

Where does my child take their GCSE or A Level exam?

All exams are taken at FunTech. It is worth noting, that you will need to excuse your child from school.

Will my child receive extra time for GCCE or A Level exams if they have dyslexia or dyspraxia?

Yes, as long as they have been assessed by an educational psychologist and have up-to-date reports