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FunTech Virtual

Virtual learning. Real-time. Real results.

The way we communicate has changed. Both in business and socially, technology has changed everything. Hi-definition video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing and more has enabled faster, smarter, more efficient working practices.

Now it’s time that education followed suit and you don’t need to wait for schools to catch up. FunTech is already leading the way.

FunTech Virtual takes the entire learning environment into a whole new stratosphere. We have raised the benchmark and education will never be the same again. You’ll be amazed by the cutting-edge technology your child will have access to via FunTech Virtual. Our scheduled, interactive classes provide real-time teaching and personal support from our expert tutors, all from anywhere in the world.

You’ll also be giving your child a valuable skill for the future: the ability to feel comfortable working remotely and virtually.

  • Each child attends a Virtual assessment lesson
  • Children will then receive an online account
  • Simply log in, view the schedule and join their Virtual class.
  • Our expert tutor will guide your child through the lesson in real-time.

  • Your child’s learning is guaranteed to be of the highest quality – there’s no difference in the quality of curriculum compared with what is delivered in the physical classroom.
  • Our tutor can deliver a better quality lesson and be far more responsive to students than in the physical classroom. Our tutor has ten monitors in front of them, eight of which mirror what the students are doing. So they can offer your child immediate support and guidance when required.
  • Your child can get a head start on their coding journey and learn tech in an engaging, interactive way that industry is already using. By the time they start work, your child will be a virtual veteran!
  • Your child can use familiar tools that mirror the classroom, such as ‘hand up’ to ask a question, but we also make great use of additional virtual tools. For example, your child can have a private chat with our tutor to ask a question without peer pressure, and our tutor can ‘mute’ the whole class when delivering important concepts.
  • You save time, money and the environment. No need to travel to our centre for classes.
  • It’s a very positive communal learning experience. If a child has done some tremendous work (or if there is a common problem) their screen can be shared with the rest of the group. Students can learn from each other as well as from our tutor.