Virtual learning, real results

We are redefining the way children learn by using the latest virtual tools. Our state-of-the-art virtual learning platform enables tutor-led home study through innovative business-grade tools. Your child can log in from anywhere and attend scheduled lessons using virtual tools to communicate with their tutor and class friends.

As well as learning cutting-edge tech skills, your child wil be learning to work with the virtual technology that will surround them in the future and that are essential in the modern working environment. Watch the video below for more information.


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“Jake has absolutely loved the interaction online, the teaching has been fantastic and the whole process has been a pleasure from start to finish.”

Jonathan (parent)


How does it work?

  • Each child attends a virtual assessment and orientation
  • Your child will then receive an online account
  • Simply log in, view the schedule and join their virtual lesson
  • Our expert tutor will guide your child through the lesson


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What equipment do I need?


A computer with Windows1

Headphones with a microphone

A stable internet connection

1 Software installation & minimum specification required.

Benefits for your child


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