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Robotics Summer Camps in 2020 for Kids Aged 7 to 14

If your child is excited about robots, why not use that love of all things electronic to engage them and develop their creativity? An early exploration into robotics can bring out many applicable skills some of which can be taken...

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12th February 2020


How to Start Kids in Robotics? + Keeping Them Interested!

If you want to get your kid started off with an interest in robotics, it can be a little bit confusing to know where to start. As parents, we’re all very aware of how this subject can offer a bright future for your children, but knowing...

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28th January 2020


5 Reasons Why Kids Should Know Robotics

Robotics is a topic that offer opportunities to introduce children to complex subjects like programming and engineering; but in a way that’s fun and interactive.   In our increasingly technological environment, there are many benefits...

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23rd January 2020

3D Printing, Coding, Engineering, Game Design, Holiday Camp, Minecraft, Robotics

Tech Camps for Teens this Summer in London and Other UK Locations

Finding fun and engaging activities for your teenagers over the summer holidays can be challenging, particularly for teens with an active imagination. As parents ourselves, we understand these challenges more than most, which is why we...

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23rd July 2019

Coding, Holiday Camp, Robotics, Summer Camps

The Best Summer Camps for Teens with an Inquisitive Mind

Over the last decade there has been an increase in demand for teen summer camps. They can keep your teenager active and engaged, whilst learning new skills, making friends, and seeing new places.   Whilst there are a huge variety of...

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19th June 2019

LEGO Robotics Engineering


Robotics and the future

Robots are the future. In fact, they are already such a massive part of our everyday lives, from toys your children play with to new-fangled automated lawn mowers.     It’s only going to get more common place as we progress through the...

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27th June 2018