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Robotics Summer Camps in 2024 for Kids Aged 7 to 14

Do you have a child who loves to pick apart how things work, or just a child who loves to build things? Well, one option for them this summer could be to put that inquisitive nature to good, with a robotic summer camp to engage them and develop their creativity. We know it’s a little away yet, but it won’t be long before thoughts turn to the summer holidays in 2014.

Early exploration and exposure to robotics can bring out many valuable skills some of which can be taken forwards and may even lead to a gateway into electronics and engineering careers.

FunTech’s robotic summers camps in 2024

Our robotics summer camps are fun way of introducing concepts such as engineering and coding, as well as bringing out your child’s creative side. Kids can design and build their very own robots to compete with one another in a battle of strength, speed and intelligence.

We offer three different robotics holiday camps this year, for ages ranging from 7 to 14, with courses varying in ability and complexity.

Whichever one you choose, your child will come away from the camp with an increased love of robots and an understanding of how they work. Learning doesn’t just take place in a classroom, after all!

Our three current summer holiday camps with robotics are:

LEGO Robotics: Coder (Ages 7 to 10)

This Lego Robotics ‘workshop’ camp allows your child to build, customise, code and test their very own robot (one per child). The Lego classes start with learning about the different sensors, actuators and then how to code their robot using data gathered from sensors.

Throughout the Robotic summer camp week your child will learn to code their bots to perform variety of fun and challenging tasks. At the end of the week, your child will compete in the ‘Grand Finale’ – testing the speed, strength and intelligence of their robot. An amazing spectacle not to be missed!

LEGO Robotics: Virtual Bots (Ages 7 to 10)

In this robotic summer camp, your child will design, build, and code a Virtual Lego Robot.

Learning about actuators, (motors) and sensors, such as Ultrasonic, Gyro and so on, your child will have a fundamental understanding of the Input, Process and Output system. Whilst developing logical and critical thinking skills, your child will learn to implement fundamental coding constructs, such as variables, conditional statements, loops and so much more. Their problem solving and coding skills will be put to the test, as they tackle exciting projects and competitions, for their Virtual Lego Robot to achieve.

Why choose Funtech’s robotics camps?

Before we get into the benefits our classes can offer your child, we want to put your mind at ease with our COVID-19 cancellation promise. It’s simple. If your Day Camp is unable to run due to Covid-19 restrictions, 100% fees will be refunded or you can swap to a virtual course.

We also understand that your summer plans and child’s passion change. So, our Camp Swap gives you the flexibility to change your camp as many times as you like.

How our holiday camps help kids

While in a classic classroom environment, children have a tendency to switch off, especially those who prefer to learn through doing. This means that they can often miss out on things that may normally engage their interests, such as engineering.

However, putting it through a fun lens such as robotics can help to bring out your child’s passion for engineering without feeling any pressure of an academic environment or even feeling as if they are learning at all!

Robots are a great way of engaging anyone, both children and adults alike, with shows such as Robot Wars inspiring many people to put together their own metal machines to do battle.

Our summer camps focus on letting children use the full breadth of their creativity to design and build a robot of their own, whilst introducing them to engineering and coding through problem solving and allowing them to figure it out for themselves.

Across both summer camps, our highly trained tutors will lead them through a week of designing, coding, building and testing to create the best robots they can. Then there’s a final showdown presentation to parents on the Friday afternoon where the robots will be put head to head to see who will win the grand final challenge.

Where are our robotics summer camps?

We run our camps from ten separate locations, placed throughout the inner and outer London areas, plus some in the south east of England.

However, each location has different camps available, with certain locations not featuring particular camps and some having more than others. Because of this, it is important that you check the listed camps for the location that you are interested in to see which camps they are running.

Places are limited and sell out quickly, so it is important to book a place as soon as possible.

  • Barbican
  • Canary Wharf
  • Hampstead
  • Maidenhead
  • Marylebone
  • Northwood
  • Richmond
  • Tonbridge
  • Westminster
  • Wimbledon

To see the dates for each individual location, please click here.

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