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7 Coding Courses for Teens in 2024

Finding fun and engaging activities for your teenagers over the holidays and in term-time can be challenging, particularly if you have a teenager with an active imagination. As parents ourselves, we understand these challenges more than most, which is why FunTech offers coding courses for teens which run throughout the year.

Our coding courses for teenagers can be taken online in a virtual learning environment during term times and school holidays. We might also have a coding class for teenagers near you with our tech camp locations over summer holidays.

Coding courses for teenagers

Holiday coding classes for teenagers

Java Coder (ages 11 to 16)

Coding is the essential literacy of the digital age. This fast-paced Java coding course will teach your teenager to code, edit, and problem-solve in a structured and methodical manner from the ground up.

A.I. Machine Learning (ages 12 to 16)

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), that simulates human learning patterns to learn, grow, update, and develop itself by continually assessing data and identifying patterns based on past outcomes.

Your teenager will learn to develop a Chatbot. This simulates human-like conversations, using conditional logic, neural networks, natural language and so much more – branching into one of the most exciting and cutting-edge areas of technology.

Python Game Coder (ages 12 to 16)

This coding course has been designed for teens who already have some programming experience and are looking to progress the next level. Your teenager will learn the power of object-oriented programming (OOP) and apply these skills to create an impressive collection of interactive 2D game projects to take home! 

3D Game Design Developer (ages 10 to 14)

 In this coding course, your teen will learn the fundamentals of game design to essential 3D game programming concepts. They will be taught the skills required to develop a seriously impressive multi-platform video game. This camp is packed full of structured learning, practical exercises and projects guaranteed to capture the imagination and unleash creativity.

Python Coder (Ages 10 to 16)

Python is a popular coding language that has a minimal and easy-to-read style. It’s moving fast up the rankings of the most popular languages! In this popular teen coding course, we will teach your teenager to code, edit and problem-solve in a structured and methodical manner.

Once your teenager has mastered how code is structured, they will learn to implement core programming constructs through fun, practical exercises and projects resulting in their ability to create Python projects with confidence!

Python Coding OOP (Ages 11 to 16)

This coding course is for teens who have already taken their first step into coding, or completed the Python L1 Coding course, the Python L2 Coding course will expand their coding skillset into Object Oriented Programming.

Object Oriented Programming uses Objects and Classes, rather than a ‘top-down’ approach. This will let your teenager code much more complex projects, such as coding a game GUI or making programs that can search a database.

Term-time coding classes for teenagers

Our term-time coding classes for teens are in the PureCoder series. These courses comprise of 6 levels.

Why choose our coding courses for teens

Research shows that teenagers who excel in technology subjects will benefit from rewarding career options and can perform better at school.

If you are the parent of a teenager who has a passion for science and technology, our teen coding courses could be just the thing to help keep them occupied in a fun, safe, and structured learning environment… whilst also helping to prepare them for an exciting future.

We only employ outstanding tutors. Professional, technically skilled, and inspirational are just some of the prerequisites required to become a FunTech tutor. Our training procedure is rigorous and effective – ensuring excellence in the delivery of our curriculum and providing stimulating, interactive lessons.

We pride ourselves on our innovative and fun approach to learning. Our unique curriculum, designed in-house by our talented development team, ensures your child will be engaged and motivated to learn.

It’s why the BBC has described FunTech as “…having a solid reputation for both using the latest technology and innovative teaching techniques…”.

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