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Computer Coding Schools (Online in Term Time or Summer Camps)

FunTech is the UK’s leading supplier of computer coding schools. Kids are able to choose from a wide variety of courses including coding with Minecraft, Roblox, and some of the most common programming languages such as Python and Java.

We run a range of different programs, including term-time computer coding schools that are taken online. We also have a range of summer camps around the UK, which also be taken virtually as well.

We’ve been running kids’ computer coding schools and classes for over 12 years. In that time, we have grown to become the experts in delivering coding lessons to kids.

Below you can find links into the different options available with FunTech, starting off with the after school online coding classes.

After school coding school (online)

With average class sizes of 4 and never more than 8, your child will learn coding online with a live tutor in a totally interactive way. What’s more, it could actually lead on to your child taking a computer science GCSE or A Level early with us.

The curriculum, teaching methods and virtual learning environment we create for all our students produces exceptional results.

In 2019, 100% of FunTech students achieved grades 7/8/9 at GCSE in Computer Science – the national average was 21.9%. At A Level, 100% of our students achieved either A* or A – the national average was 25.2% percent.

Discover the powerful potential of coding with our industry-standard online coding courses for kids. The virtual computer programming classes can take your child from the basic essentials, enabling your child to be confident understanding code; to a professional standard.

PureCoder Level 1

This year-long online coding course will take your child on a journey through fundamental and basic programming concepts, using fun and engaging exercises and mini-projects.

PureCoder Level 2

Kids then progress onto the next after school coding program which will further develop their programming skills in Python. They will be introduced to Object Oriented Programming and will learn industry standard programming practices.

PureCoder Level 3

In the next course your child will learn how coding skills can be applied to the game development industry. It focuses on a widely used game engine, Unity, to take your child through the fascinating aspects of programming 2D games. These skills will help consolidate and expand on their pre-existing programming ability.

PureCoder Level 4

Level 4 sees your child learn to design and create 3D gaming worlds after school with their own goals and constraints. Your child will be using the cutting edge of game creation technologies with Unreal Engine 4.

PureCoder Level 5

Level 5 will teach your child everything they need to know to create powerful data-driven websites. From page layout, design and styling through to databases and content management systems – covering all aspects of the latest web development trends.

PureCoder Level 6

The final PureCoder course looks at a branch of artificial intelligence with machine learning. Your child will create programs on the fringes of scientific discovery and human achievement.

Handy Hint: To start a PureCoder computer coding school class, kids will first need to have completed our Tech Academy modules. These are designed to give kids the skills they need to become efficient tech users before progressing onto more advanced coding lessons.

Summer computer coding schools

In addition to the term time classes, kids can also take part in our summer camps. We have multiple locations across the south of the UK, or alternatively classes can be taken online.

Here’s a selection of the classes that relate to coding.

1. Minecraft with Mods (ages 7 to 10)

This online coding course has proved to be one of our most popular yet. Your child’s learning adventure starts with our online tutors giving them access to some amazing secrets in the Minecraft platform.

During the online coding class, kids are taught how to mod with Minecraft. This involves learning about how blocks, items, creatures and the world itself works from a programmatic perspective.

After that, our online Minecraft tutors will help them discover how to create and configure properties, functions and textures of these fundamental elements of the game.

2. Scratch Coding (ages 7 to 10)

This online programming course lets kids get ahead with coding using the popular Scratch platform. The online classes start off with an introduction to Scratch’s visual coding environment, learning about the key areas of branching and iteration plus variables and game logic.

Your child will then learn how to use engaging virtual projects to create fun, interactive and animated applications and games.

Once this online coding class is complete, your child will be an expert in coding with Scratch!

3. Roblox Game Maker (ages 9 to 12)

These online programming lessons start off with your child setting up a project with Roblox Studio. They will then be virtually tasked in designing an obstacle course filled with moving platforms, explosive hazards, and more!

Our online tutors will also introduce them to more advanced programming concepts such as variables. These lessons can be transferred to any programming language.

The virtual coding lessons end with your child publishing their game then challenge classmates to a kart racing game. Whose terrain will be the most challenging? Which kart has the most realistic design? Everyone will have to play each other’s game to find out.

4. Indie Game Builder (ages 9 to 13)

This online video game design course helps kids with the game design process from the ground up. Your child will begin by understanding the principles of a successful indie game, such as user experience, display area, and more.

Through a series of fun, game-based exercises led by our expert online tutors, they’ll learn to use event-based programming to animate, control, and position their objects. Their code will consider a broad range of events and outcomes. What should an object do if it collides with a wall? The code has the answer!

Additional concepts covered include game logic, digital media creation, creative asset management, programming concepts, and user interaction. Once they’ve mastered all that, they’ll design and build their own game. Finally, they’ll export it and produce a finished product that everyone can play!

5. 3D Game Design (ages 10 to 14)

For slightly older kids, this online coding courses focuses on 3D game design. Your child will learn how to use visual scripting tools, letting them to embrace the power of programming without the complexity of coding syntax.

With the support of our virtual tutors, they’ll learn how to create exhilarating custom behaviours and incredible game mechanics using best practices.

On the coding side, they’ll master essential programming concepts such as variables, branching, looping, events and more!  And, on top of all this, your child will also learn the basics of 3D modelling.

6. Python Coder (ages 10 to 16)

This kids’ online coding class is all about the popular Python programming language. Your child will start off being taught coding logic before focussing more on Python and how to use it.

This virtual coding course includes plenty of hands-on learning, covering subjects such as data types, variables, user inputs, branching, iteration, functions and much more.

Moreover, to keep your child totally engaged, our team of experienced virtual Python tutors will teach them Python online in a fun and dynamic format using such tools as the Turtle Module.

7. Python Game Developer (ages 11 to 16)

This coding class starts off with an introduction to core programming constructs including object-orientation programming. This is where segments of code are written as blueprints and used repeatedly, meaning any updates will only need to be edited at the blueprint level.  It’s a methodology that creates efficient code and is used throughout the industry.

Throughout the virtual coding lessons, kids learn advanced coding and mathematical concepts, from code that can react to keyboard presses and mouse inputs, through to reactive physics systems and much, much more.

In addition to programming, your child will also learn about game life cycles, user interaction and installation – culminating in an awesome series of retro 2D games.

8. Java Coder (ages 11 to 16)

Our kids’ online Java coding classes begin with a theoretical examination of coding logic.  Using flowcharts and pseudo code, you child will learn the best practise of being a good coder: understand the problem, create a solution, then write programming code. This is followed by an orientation to Eclipse (a Java Independent Development Environment).

Next, they’ll look at how to make their code more efficient, firstly, by minimising the number of lines of code and then by using functions – an independent segmentation of code that, once written, can be used as many times as needed.

Finally, your child will implement all they’ve learned by creating fascinating, game-based projects which they enjoy long after finishing our online Java course.

Reasons to choose FunTech coding schools

  • Courses that will put your child at the forefront of technology.
  • 24 years’ experience teaching tech using subject-specialist tutors.
  • Specialists in delivering tutor-led virtual learning.
  • Ofsted registered with FunTech certified tutors.
  • GCSE and A Level qualification in computer science.

We’re redefining the way children learn by using the latest virtual tools. Our state-of-the-art virtual learning platform enables tutor-led home study through innovative business-grade tools.

Your child can log in from anywhere and attend scheduled lessons using virtual tools to communicate with their tutor and class friends.

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