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Computer Science Beginner Courses for Kids

Computer science is a subject that is absolutely essential for kids. However, it is not always covered as well as it could be. Many UK schools are not set-up to teach tech skills as best they could, meaning more and more parents are now looking towards term time tuition for computer science beginner courses.

As the UK’s leading provider of kids coding courses and computer science lessons, we can offer beginner courses for children of all abilities.

Our cutting edge after school computer science lessons are designed for children aged 7 to 17. No matter where you live, your kid can take part.

With average class sizes of 4 and never more than 8, your child will learn computer science online with a live tutor in a totally interactive way. What’s more, it could actually lead on to your child taking a computer science GCSE or A Level early with us.

The curriculum, teaching methods and virtual learning environment we create for all our students produces exceptional results. In fact, In 2019, 100% of FunTech students achieved grades 7/8/9 at GCSE in Computer Science – the national average was 21.9%. At A Level, 100% of our students achieved either A* or A – the national average was 25.2% percent.

Computer science beginner courses

So, if you are interested in finding out more about our computer science courses for beginners, here is the best after-school class your child could take part in.

1. TechStarter

On this year-long computer science beginner course your child will learn the skills to become a highly effective and efficient tech user, developing good technology habits for life.

The beginner’s course is made up of weekly lessons which are 50 minutes long, and there are no prerequisites required for joining.

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To get started, we just ask that kids take part in an online assessment to assess their knowledge, before placing them into the best after school coding program for them.

Once a kid successfully completes the TechStarter computer science beginner’s course, they can progress onto more advanced lessons.

2. TotalTech

The first of our classes a child can learn from after completing our computer science course for beginners, is TotalTech.

On this year-long course your child will develop advanced skills in three key creative disciplines: movies, music and games.

It’s a highly popular course that will spark their imagination and encourage creativity and intuition.

3. CreativeTech

Channel your child’s imagination and enable them to create extraordinary creative projects.

The CreativeTech animation classes for kids covers advanced graphics, industry-standard animation and website development.

4. TechPro

This year long course is focussed on the Microsoft Office suite of products; Word, Excel, and also learning about databases.

Your child will learn the full scope of Office software tools. They will unlock the vast array of tools to enable them produce high-quality documents in a fraction of the time.

How our computer science courses work

To get enrolled onto a beginner’s computer science course, kids will first need to have completed a quick assessment. This is designed to let us understand what level they are at, so we can make sure we start them off at the most suitable level.

Reasons to choose FunTech

  • We offer courses that will put your child at the forefront of technology.
  • We have 24 years’ experience teaching tech using subject-specialist tutors.
  • We are the specialists in delivering tutor-led virtual learning.
  • We are Ofsted registered with FunTech certified tutors.
  • We offer GCSE and A Level qualifications in computer science.

We’re redefining the way children learn by using the latest virtual tools. Our state-of-the-art virtual learning platform enables tutor-led home study through innovative business-grade tools.

Your child can log in from anywhere and attend scheduled lessons using virtual tools to communicate with their tutor and class friends.

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