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15 Best STEM Summer Camps in London and the UK

STEM summer camps give your child the opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering and maths. But please don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s going to be just like going to school. The STEM summer camps in London and other areas of the UK available at FunTech are engaging, fun, and interactive.

Your child will learn about a wide range of STEM subjects. Our various courses include topics such as video game design, 3D modelling, learning how to code, robotics, and much more. Kids leave at the end of the week having made new friends, improved their social skills, and have new knowledge they can apply at school, and possibly even with a future career.

Our best STEM summer camps in London and beyond

Below you can see just a small selection of some our best STEM summer camps in London. The London areas your child can attend include Aldgate, Barbican, Canary Wharf, Hampstead, Maida Vale, Marylebone, Northwood, Richmond, South Bank, West Kensington, Westminster and Wimbledon.

We also run STEM summer camps elsewhere in the UK. Current locations include Chester, Maidenhead, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading, and Tonbridge.

You can easily find more information on the links below, and then make a booking using the buttons. At the end of the recommendations we’ve put together a list of benefits your child could get from attending a STEM summer camp this year.

Ages 7 to 9



Ages 7 to 10


Ages 7 to 16


Ages 9 to 12



Ages 9 to 13



Ages 10 to 14



Ages 10 to 16


Ages 11 to 16

The benefits of STEM summer camps


Handy Hint: We’ve developed a definition of what STEM means in education if you would like more information about what this term involves.


1: Learn and improve basic STEM skills

Your child might not be getting the STEM education they need at school. Not all schools have the resources and skills in place to offer a well-rounded approach to the STEM disciplines.

At the FunTech STEM summer camps your child can take part in real-world experiments and projects. For example, if they’ve got a passion for video games, we can help turn that interest into something more tangible, teaching them how to create their own.

Alternatively, they can build their own robots, solve problems, learn how things work and much more.

The bottom line is; it’s probably going to be a lot more fun and engaging than how STEM subjects will have been delivered in a school environment.

As you child has fun and learns, they will be developing skills that they can apply to 21st century life. Not just today but into their futures as well.

2: Explore different career options

All our courses include the latest technology. Whether that’s learning to code using current programming languages such as Python and Java, or creating their own 3D models, kids are exposed to real-world technology being used in today’s workplace.

As your child improves their STEM skills, they will also learn about how these could be transferred into a future career. We’ve spoken at length in the past about how technology an lead to exciting job prospects, and it really is true.

Recent research has shown that there is a shortage in applicants for STEM based job roles. And those job roles pay significantly more money than other non-tech careers.

If your child wants to become a video game designer they can start that process today. If you child wants to learn how to program robots they can get ahead with FunTech.

There are endless opportunities for the future that your child could get a head-start on by attending one of the FunTech STEM summer camps.

3: Make new friends

It could be that your child has an interest in technology that none of their school friends are interested in. At a FunTech STEM summer camp, your child will be immersed into a fun environment with other like-minded kids who share their passions.

Children who interact and learn alongside those with similar interests will find it easier to make friendships. They will also be more inclined to learn and have fun.

Some of the kids who have attended our camps have come away with long-standing friendships. A few of those relationships have ended up with children developing projects together once the summer camp has finished.

4: And lastly, have fun

Summer holidays are meant to be fun for kids. They need to be kept busy and entertained, and our STEM summer camps place fun at the core of everything that we do.

Why book a kid’s STEM camp with FunTech?

Our STEM summer camps are ideal for kids who have a passion for technology. Whether that’s computer coding, video game, or robotics, we will have a suitable camp to appeal to them.

If you want your child to learn, have fun, and possibly give them some insight into what they want to do when they’re older, FunTech is the place to choose.

When you book with FunTech you benefit from not just being able to pay with Childcare Vouchers, but also:

  • Ofsted registered
  • 9am to 5pm times
  • Structured (and fun) learning
  • Over 23 years of experience

And lastly…

If you are looking for STEM summer camps that accept Childcare Vouchers, then you’re in the right place. You can find out more here.

If you’re not sure which STEM summer camp is right for your child, please call us or send an email. Our friendly team can answer any questions you might have about each camp’s suitability.

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