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The Best Programming Language to Learn After Python

After kids have learned Python with FunTech, they might then want to progress onto learning a new programming language, Having a wide range of skills and languages under their belt could really enhance their future career opportunities, but more importantly than that, when young, it will give them confidence to progress their learning. 

Given Python’s versatility, the next logical step might be that they explore learning coding languages that offer specialised capabilities. For example, we believe a good language to learn after Python can be JavaScript, due to its indispensability in web development and its vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks.

Another strong contender is Java (here’s our course). Java’s robustness and scalability make it a favourite in large tech companies and financial institutions so for older kids interested in a job in tech, it’s worth a look. 

But the bottom line is this: choosing the right language to learn after Python really does depend on the child’s personal interests and what they find fun at this age, whether that’s something to do with web development, mobile apps, systems programming… or alternatively looking at other tech topics such as Unity for game coding, or A.I. machine learning

To help your child choose the programming language they want to learn after Python, here are some options with an overview of what they involve. 

Popular programming languages to learn after Python

Here is a selection of popular programming languages that can complement Python and expand a developer’s skill set.

JavaScript is a versatile language widely used for front-end web development. It works with HTML and CSS to create interactive websites. According to Hostinger, 97.8% of websites use JavaScript for client-side scripting.

Java remains a crucial language for enterprise-level applications. It is particularly essential for those aspiring to work at large tech companies. Java’s robustness and portability across different platforms make it a valuable language to learn.

C++ offers fine control over system resources and is widely used in high-performance game engines. The Hackr article notes its importance in game development due to its powerful capabilities.

C# is heavily used in game development, especially with the Unity game engine. It is also utilised for developing Windows applications. Resources from GeeksforGeeks highlight its versatility in gaming.

Go (Golang), known for its simplicity and efficiency, is ideal for systems programming and scalable server-side applications. Go’s performance and concurrency model make it a strong candidate to follow Python.

Rust focuses on safety and performance, making it an excellent choice for systems programming. It provides memory safety without a garbage collector, which can enhance performance-critical applications.

Here’s a quick comparison of these languages:

LanguageBest For
JavaScriptFront-end web development
JavaEnterprise-level applications
C++High-performance game engines
C#Game development, Windows applications
GoSystems programming, server-side apps
RustSystems programming, performance

In conclusion, FunTech can help your child progress with their learning. If they do take our Python course, we can recommend a next step for them, and help advise you on what we believe their strengths could suit. 

But it depends on individual goals and interests – and above all, keeping things fun for them. 

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