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How Kids Can Fast Track A Level Computer Science with FunTech

FunTech started out in 1996, and since then we have been teaching kids the skills that are shaping tomorrow, today. We offer a stepped approach that helps to channel their passion for tech and gaming, give them the skills to thrive at school and prepare them for a world driven by technology.

As part of this we offer a stepped approach to learning which could enable your child to fast track their A Level in computer science in a virtual learning environment.

Handy Hint: In order to take a fast-track computer science A Level with FunTech, they will need to progress through our learning path – you can see how that works further down the page.

How kids can take a fast-track computer science A Level with FunTech 

Kids who have completed our PureCoder Levels 1 and PureCoder Level 2 courses are eligible to consolidate their skills with an early A Level.

It can either be completed in 2 years with 140 minutes a week during term time, or fast-tracked in 1 year, with 280 minutes of work a week. It lets kids take this A Level earlier than they would at school or college.

By getting their computer science A Level out of the way early in this FastTrack fashion, it means they can learn how to study and successfully take an exam. This will give them the effective study skills for their A Levels and give them an essential skill and head start.

Lessons are held virtually with real tutors and a state-of-the-art online learning platform. The two-year option is spread over 6 terms, with online lessons happening after school for 140 minutes a week.

The quicker way is to enrol in the fast track computer science A Level that condenses the learning down into just 12 months… but it will double the learning time and commitment.

As a FastTrack option is designed to be studied over one academic year, your child will need to be highly motivated with a can-do approach: having a positive attitude is more important than being a high achiever academically.

About FunTech

As well as FastTrack A Level training, we offer an extensive range of computing courses for kids. Children can access our term time courses or a virtual holiday camp with popular topics such as Minecraft and Roblox.

Whichever approach you choose, your child will be able to pick up a variety of tech skills.

Need help?

If you would like to talk to a real person about how your child can take an early computer science A Level with us, on a fast track basis, please contact us.

A friendly team member will be able to explain how your child can get on track, and what level course they will need to start to get on the path to early exam success.

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