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Prepare your child for the digital future

We're here to fire up your child's enthusiasm for technology and teach them the vital tech skills that'll help them succeed at school, and beyond.

Whether they're just starting out, or already pretty advanced, we have a camp that will enrich your child's imagination and bring out their talent. Each day is filled with exciting tech learning, set in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Not only will we prepare your child for the digital future. We aim to put a huge smile on their face. Because 24 years’ teaching experience has taught us that to get lasting results, the "Fun" must always come before the "Tech".

Technology-Specialist Tutors

Our hand-picked tutors come from such leading universities as Cambridge and King’s College London. They are technology specialists, rigorously trained and ready to inspire your child. And with an average of one tutor to six children, they can coach those who aren’t too tech-minded and bring out the best in those who already shine.

Step-by-Step Skills Path

Coding, Game Dev, Robotics or Design. Whichever path your child opts for, our courses will develop their skills sequentially so each step they take follows smoothly and easily to the next. What's more, our curriculum is devised so they can hop from one course to the next and confidently continue their journey of discovery.



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We understand that summer plans and your child’s passions can change, that’s why we offer Camp Swap.

Camp Swaps are subject to availability and available up to two weeks prior to camp start date.