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Coding for 9 Year Olds: Classes & How to Teach

9-year olds are at the ideal age to start learning how to code. By this age we find 9 year olds are able to better understand the concepts of programming, and can then apply those in many different mediums, including popular game platforms such as Minecraft and Roblox.

There are many options available for 9-year olds who want to learn coding. In fact, it’s never been easier to pick up programming now, with multiple apps, games, toys, and online coding classes designed for 9-year olds. All can take your child’s skills to the next level, but nothing can beat classes for a structured and effective approach to learning.

In this short guide we will highlight not just coding classes, but also some apps that are age appropriate for your child. But first, here are how our virtual lessons work.


Coding classes for 9-year olds

FunTech is the leading provider of coding lessons for 9 years olds in the UK. We’ve been educating children since the 1990s and in that time have seen thousands of kids pass through our doors and online lessons to become proficient programmers.

We make learning to code fun, with lessons offered during term time, after school, during the holidays, and both in virtual and real classroom environments. Our approach to teaching is valued by parents as we aim to help to set children up for life with tech skills that will be valuable now and in their futures.

Fun and safety are at the core of everything we do, and we would encourage you to browse our website and also check out the coding classes we have designed for 9-year olds below. The lessons listed here are followed by some app and game suggestions too.

1. Roblox Game Designer

We take the popular gaming platform Roblox to teach digital skills and programming concepts to 9-year olds. Whether your kid is new to Roblox or a regular gamer, they will learn how to create an obstacle course and kart racing game during a fun week of experimentation, creativity and real-world physics.

2. Minecraft Mod Developer

This creative and fun Minecraft coding class is packed full of learning, experimentation, problem solving and creativity. Once your 9-year-old has mastered the secrets of Minecraft such as brewing potions and conquering the Nether – they will learn how to Mod a variety of different items that will take their Minecraft skills way beyond the basics.

3. Scratch Coder

Whilst the theory and logic of coding has remained the same for decades, methods have evolved significantly. These coding classes are ideal for kids who are new to coding. Scratch is a fantastic visual-based coding editor which enables children to create fun animations, interactive stories, games, sounds and much more! It’s the perfect introduction to coding and computational thinking that makes coding for kids seriously fun!

4. Minecraft Game Coder

By leveraging your child’s enthusiasm, the Minecraft Coder course will teach them how to code. They will develop logical and critical thinking skills as they learn fundamental coding constructs such as variables, conditional statements, loops, functions and so much more. It’s a fun and engaging course that teaches your child how to create and code complex and innovative projects in Minecraft.

5. Minecraft Redstone Engineer

Redstone is Minecraft’s equivalent of electricity. The Minecraft Redstone course starts by teaching how to use this energy to create the different logic gates. Your child will then learn how these logic gates can be combined to create different circuits and complex electronic items such as calculators, elevators and more. They’ll use all the skills they learn to design and build an amazing adventure course full of challenges, surprises and puzzles that players must navigate through!

After school coding lessons for 9-year olds

As well as our holiday classes we’ve already listed, we also offer expert tuition during term time. The classes below can put your child on a path to taking a GCSE or A Level early with us, as part of our computer science curriculum.

Often kids will start off with our TechStarter class, eventually moving onto the PureCoder levels. You can browse them all in our Tech Academy section.

Handy Hint: If you need any help in deciding what level of coding class is best for your 9-year-old please call us to speak to a helpful member of staff. 

How do I teach my 9-year-old programming? 

If you want to get started immediately from home, then there are various apps, games, and techniques you can use to teach your 9-year-old programming. For example, there are plenty of resources on the FunTech blog which will steer you in the right direction:

We are biased of course, but we believe that the best way to teach a 9-year-old programming is in a structured learning environment. We have options for online term-time coding lessons or virtual camps that run during the school holidays.

Coding apps or games for 9-year olds

Encourage your child’s passion for coding with some of the apps that are perfectly suited to help learn coding as 9-year olds. Your child can learn to hone their programming skills from the comfort of your own home.

1. Piper Coding Minecraft Edition

This is a hands-on learning experience which lets kids learn, coding, computer science, and electronics while building and using a fully functioning computer. Assemble the computer’s hardware using the Piper Computer Kit’s engineering blueprint.


2. Kodable

This free download on the iPhone and iPad helps teach 9-year-olds the basics of coding procedures with simple to understand lessons. Your child can design games, build characters, learn about object-oriented programming, and start using Javascript.

The apps and games above could be quite basic for your 9-year-old depending on how much experience they already have.

This is why we believe that once kids hit this age, coding for 9-year olds is best suited to an online classroom environment such as the lessons available with FunTech.

If you would like to discuss the options available, or have any questions about our classes and camps, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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