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What Language Does Unity Use?

Unity is used to create games that can be played on multiple different platforms. The primary programming language used in the Unity game engine is C# (pronounced C Sharp). C# is an object-oriented programming language that was developed by Microsoft in 2000 and is renowned as a powerful language that’s easy to learn… and it’s something that is taught at the FunTech summer camps. 

When kids learn Unity with FunTech, they will be encouraged and taught to use the C# programming language and learn fundamental scripting techniques. Kids can then see how these can be applied in the ever-growing industry of game development, giving them the skills to create a diverse selection of 2D games.

We host the courses in both physical locations as summer camps that kids attend over five days, and online as virtual learning courses. The camps are structured as two parts that can be taken as one week courses.

Part 1 – Beginner to Intermediate

Pre-requisites: None

  • Unity 
  • C# Introduction 
  • Game Objects (Creation, Components) 
  • Sprites (Import, Creation, Sprite Sheets) 
  • Transformation (Translation, Rotation, Scale) 
  • Rigidbodies (Colliders, Force, Acceleration) 
  • Collisions (Detection, Reaction) 
  • Audio (Looping, Sound Effects, Filters) 
  • User Interface (Text, Font, Updating, Timers)

Part 2 – Advanced

Pre-requisites: Part 1

  • Tilemaps (Creation, Painting, Collisions)
  • Animations (Clips, Controller)
  • Controlling Animations Through Scripts
  • 2D Platformer Characters (Sprites, Animations, Controls, Physics)
  • Physics (Velocity, Acceleration, Gravity)
  • Cameras (Following a Game Object, Damping, Dead Zones, Look Ahead)
  • Creating 2D Platforming Game

As you can see, in Part 1 of the Unity course we introduce kids to C#, where they will learn the basics of the language used in Unity, including the development of C# scripts to control the behaviour of game objects. 

The course is for 11 to 16 year olds. 

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