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Python Programming for Kids: Advantages to Python Classes & Learning

Python is a programming language that is particularly good for kids wanting to learn how to code. Of all the various languages out there, it’s the one which we really encourage children to learn due to the minimal and easy to read style.

If your child is starting to express an interest in tech and programming, Python programming for kids could be a great way to turn an interest in coding into a passion.

At FunTech we run summer and term-time Python classes for kids and have successfully taught thousands of children at our tech camps around London and the UK.

But as a parent, what do you need to know about Python?

To help you out we’ve put this short guide together which offers an introduction to Python for kids, and then some advantages to learning this popular programming language.

What is Python for Kids?

Computer programming is a skill that helps to encourage creativity, logical reasoning, and problem solving.

Kids have the chance to create something unique from scratch, writing code to make their computer run a program… which may or not be successful, meaning problem solving comes to the fore in a fun and challenging format.

The Python programming language is fantastic for this.

Whilst “Python for kids” isn’t actually a programming language in itself (Python is Python!), it is a kid-friendly and simple to start language.

It is used to power the technology behind some of the world’s most well-known brands with web development, data science, machine learning, plus mobile and desktop applications running on it.

Our tutors can teach it from the ground up. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you can find an overview of the kids’ Python classes we offer. Alternatively, you can jump straight into an overview of all summer tech camps we offer.

Why kids should learn Python

Here are our top 5 reasons why Python programming for kids could be a great choice this year at one of the FunTech summer camps.


#1: Python is great for kids wanting to learn how to code

With an intuitive coding style, text-based commands using plain English, built-in help comments, and a wealth of online resources, Python is the perfect coding language to get kids started off with.

It lets kids turn their ideas into a tangible on-screen result. They can create their own games, programs, animation, problem solving exercises, websites, and even integrate with robotics.

Due to the accessible nature of Python, kids are able to write lines of code in far fewer steps than other popular programming languages such as Java and C++.

In fact, unlike other programming languages, kids don’t need to do a lot of strenuous learning before the fun starts. Beginners are usually able to jump straight in, so they don’t lose interest and get quickly frustrated.

Python uses English language commands which make sense. This means it’s far quicker to get to grips with and suits children learning to code.

In the FunTech kid’s Python classes, our tutors take a practical approach using fun exercises to quickly lead them into developing their own programs and video games.

#2: Python is easy to set-up at home

If you want your child to learn python for kids, we recommend a FunTech coding camp. This will give them the best introduction possible and set them on a path to creating amazing results whilst learning and still having fun.

We also strongly encourage any children who learn Python with us to also continue their development at home… and this is where things get even easier.

Many alternative programming languages can hard to set-up; this isn’t the case with Python. If you have a PC at home that runs Microsoft Windows, you can get it installed on your computer in a few very simple steps.

All you need to do is download Python from the official website, follow the on-screen prompts during installation, and then run the software. There are installation guides available on the Python website if you get stuck.

#3: Python coding can help with academic performance and learning

We believe that children who learn Python can actually improve and develop multiple facets of their educational syllabus including maths, writing, and creativity.

Computer programming languages, particularly ones such as Python which uses plain English commands, can also let your child improve their written skills. It will help them develop a more concise and structured approach to storytelling with the English language.

It will also aid them with problem solving too. Python leads them to developing simple and efficient solutions using critical thinking.

Python will also help your kid with maths, as coding lets children visualise more abstract concepts in a fun format that lets them apply mathematics to real-life problems.

#4: Python is growing in popularity and seems set to stay

As with any coding language (particularly one that kids are starting to learn) it’s important to factor in whether it’s going to still be used in the future as they grow older.

Python seems to fit that criteria as it has a 27% year on year growth rate. This growth trend is outstripping similar programming languages (source: Stack Overflow).

From a future-proofing perspective, this would suggest kids that learn Python are possibly going to be at a real advantage as they grow older should they wish to pursue a career in technology.

Python is currently running the technology behind some of the world’s biggest brands. It’s probably going to be at the forefront of growing technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and much more we don’t even know about yet!

We will discuss how Python can help children with their future careers in a few moments, but just to go further with this point, here’s a list of some companies and websites currently using it to power their technology.

  • Amazon
  • DropBox
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Industrial Light and Magic
  • Instagram
  • NASA
  • Netflix
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Spotify
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Yahoo Maps
  • YouTube

We expect the popularity of Python to continue growing due to how simple yet powerful it is. With it being such a core component of so many big names, that code will need to be maintained and developed for many years to come.

If you decide to invest in Python classes for your kids, it certainly appears to be a good long-term investment in their future.


Even if it does begin to become less popular in the future, the disciplines your kids will learn from Python programming will mean their skills should never be out of demand.

#5: Python could lead to a career


As we’ve established, Python looks like it’s here to stay. It’s a simple to learn programming language that kids can pick up easily, and powers some of the largest applications in the world.


It might still be too early to start thinking about what career your child will embark when they get older, but if Python is something that love and excel at, they probably won’t be short of job opportunities.


The average annual salary of a Python developer in the UK is £75,945 (source: Adzuna), with companies such as JP Morgan, EDF Energy, Sky, and IBM being amongst the top recruiters in 2019 so far.

Sam Kaufman, at tech industry CTO based in New York was quoted as saying:

“Python remains the de-facto language of choice for data science, which is one of the fastest growing and highest paying niches of the computing industry.” (source: NMS)


Needless to say, Python developers are in high demand. That’s probably won’t change if the impressive growth we highlighted in the previous point continues on trend.

Teaching Python to kids could help them not just get ahead at school in the STEM subjects but could greatly improve their chances of a stable career in the future.


Why choose a FunTech kid’s Python class?

Python classes over the summer aren’t just about keeping your kid busy and engaged; kids that learn to code with Python can also get ahead both at school and possibly with thier future career.

We’ve actually written an extensive guide previously for why parents should encourage their children to code (read that here).

Here’s a very brief overview of what we believe the benefits are that can result from Python programming for kids when learnt in a structured summer camp environment:

  • Helps with school and academic performance.
  • Helps with maths and logical problem solving.
  • Helps with writing skills & creativity.
  • Helps with confidence.
  • It’s quite simply fun!
  • It isn’t just about computers.
  • It’s the language of the world.
  • Helps with core soft skills.
  • Helps to change the world.
  • Helps kids with storytelling.
  • Helps kids achieve their dreams.
  • Coding summer classes can keep your kids busy.
  • Helps to future proof your child’s job prospects.


Learn Python for Kids with FunTech


We have two types of Python classes for kids that run over the summer holiday period.

Both courses run from Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) in an Ofsted-registered safe and secure environment, with professional tutors.

Python Coder


This summer coding camps lets your kids learn to code with Python, starting off with a theoretical examination of coding logic. They then move onto hands-on learning in a fun and dynamic format.

Come the end of the week, your child will have learned how to problem solve using Python code and continue their progress from home should they wish.

  • Age guide: 10 to 16 years old
  • Days: Monday to Friday, 0900 to 1700
  • Locations: Multiple London locations, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading and Tonbridge


Want to find out more about these Python classes for kids?


Python Game Developer


These summer classes take Python programming for kids to the next level. The course has been designed for children and teenagers who already have a little coding experience and want to progress further.

At the end of this summer tech camp, your child will have learned about object-oriented coding (OOP) and how to apply these to create their own interactive 2D video games.


  • Age guide: 11 to 16 years old
  • Days: Monday to Friday, 0900 to 1700
  • Locations: Multiple London locations, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading and Tonbridge


Want to find out more about these Python classes for kids?



Why book Python classes for kids with FunTech?

Our Python classes are ideal for kids who want to learn and for parents who want to help their children possibly have a brighter future.

When you book with FunTech you benefit from:

  • Average 8 students per tutor.
  • Ofsted registered.
  • Childcare vouchers accepted.
  • 9am to 5pm times.
  • Structured (and fun) learning.
  • Over 21 years of experience.

FunTech coding summer camps are a fun way to keep your child happy and engaged, whist helping them to prepare for a digital future.

We are proud of the results our pupils go on to achieve.

In fact, in 2017, 75% of FunTech students achieved A* and A grades for GCSE Computer Science. That’s way above the national average of 20.6%.

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