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8 Benefits of Virtual Learning Environments (Importance of Virtual Classrooms)

During the recent Coronavirus lockdown, many businesses turned to virtual meeting software to help keep their companies running. Many universities will also start their new terms with online lectures, rather than in-person classrooms.

As a company, we also switched to temporarily offering just online learning during the summer of 2020. It was very successful and so we are set to host even more kids’ virtual classrooms for the remainder of the year.

In fact, we can see 2021 as being even bigger for online learning and anticipate hundreds of children completing our courses purely via virtual classroom environments.

The bottom line is, virtual classrooms can work very well and are the future of learning. Online learning is something that kids at all stages in the education system can use, and to great effect too, and we will now discuss.

8 benefits of virtual learning classrooms

If you’re still not convinced as a parent on the benefits of a virtual learning environment, please take the time to read though what we believe are the top 8 advantages to online learning.

1. Increased inclusivity

The first benefit to virtual classroom learning is that shy students will often find virtual classes much better to participate in. It means they don’t have the anxiety that might come by raising a hand in a real classroom with other students watching them.

2. Improved accessibility

Virtual classrooms are accessible to any child providing they have access to a computer and stable internet connection. It doesn’t matter what their mobility is like, they are able to login to a virtual classroom and start learning.

Plus, course materials for your child’s online course can be accessed at any time over the Internet, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

3. Community and relationship building

Another benefit to virtual classroom learning environments is that they also let kids build relationships with other children they share interests with.

They can then collaborate on projects and talk through ideas… which can also help with their teamwork skills.

4. Cost savings

There is no need for expensive travel (or even accommodation). As well as saving travel costs, virtual classrooms will also reduce your child’s carbon footprint related to gas and fuel.

Many virtual lessons and classrooms will often be far cheaper than a traditional establishment such as a college.

5. Expanded world view

Kids who learn in virtual classrooms will often get to meet and learn with children from all over the world and from different cultures and backgrounds.

Insights into how other cultures and people approach problem solving can help children to better their own skills.

6. Improved technical skills

By virtue of being on a computer during the virtual lessons, kids can learn new tech skills and become more proficient with the keyboard and applications.

Also, with more businesses now shifting to virtual teams, having the knowledge of how to collaborate and learn remotely can be a definite plus in a future career.

7. Immediate feedback on learning

Most online learning classrooms provide the opportunity for immediate feedback as opposed to traditional classrooms where teachers take the work home to mark it.

This can accelerate a child’s learning, letting them progress a lot quicker than they might do in their school or college.

8. Greater flexibility and comfort

Kids can learn at their own pace with pre-recorded virtual classes, dipping in and out when it’s the best time for them.

It’s also more comfortable learning from home and can be better option for children who have a physical disability where traditional establishments may be challenging to access.

Handy Hint: To find out more why the FunTech virtual classes are a step ahead of the rest, please read more about how our virtual lessons work.

Research into the benefits of virtual classroom learning

There has also been a small amount of research into why online learning is good. In 2011, Michael Van Beek, director of education policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy published a study titled “Virtual Learning in Michigan’s Schools”.

You can read more about the study results on, but one of the concluding statements read:

“On average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction… Virtual learning has a promising future. It has been shown already to match or exceed average student outcome expectations, and parents and students are signing up for virtual courses at an increasing rate.”

How FunTech can help your child

If you want to find out how your child can get started with virtual learning, please browse FunTech’s virtual courses.

We have a range of online learning courses that run during term-time in after school hours, giving kids the opportunity to really get ahead in tech disciplines.

We are one stop shop for all your child’s tech and coding learning structured – by the time they finish our programme their skills will be at university level.

How it works

FunTech’s coding classes are in real-time classes and not pre-recorded seminars. Your child simply logins, view the schedules, and can get started learning in a virtual classroom.

Our expert tutors will lead your child through the course content, meaning there is real-time feedback. The FunTech tutors are live and always on hand to help and analyse your child’s progress.

Kids are able to ask questions, hear the answers, and more:

  • Instant audio and text communication
  • Ability to chat with the class or privately to a tutor
  • Kids can follow tutors through the course and see practical demonstrations
  • Screen sharing and remote access available
  • A maximum of 12 students per classroom for focussed lessons
  • Immediate and intuitive feedback from tutors.

With classes being very small it means our tutors can give your child the attention needed to truly learn how to code and master other technical disciplines.

The FunTech tutors are able to see your child’s screen constantly so can guide and step in at any point. It also means they can focus on helping your child if they start to get distracted, or complete tasks before their classmates.

It’s what sets our virtual classes apart from so many others – it’s real time, with real tutors, and real classmates. You can’t learn in a better environment than that.


There are many benefits to virtual learning environments. The FunTech courses in particular offer an opportunity for children who are away ahead of what is being taught in schools, taking a path that keeps them stretched and learning relevant skills.

Some kids who learn tech and coding skills at FunTech then go on to take computer science GCSE and (or) an A Level with us, often taking their exams earlier than they would in school or college.

To find out more, or to book your child’s online assessment to see which online course suits them best, please click to get started.

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