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Is Coding an Important Skill & Essential for the Future?

Kids are interacting with electronic devices on a daily basis, not often being aware of the countless software applications that are running behind the scenes, all of which driven by code. Simply put, our world runs on code, and the is only going to get more essential.

Therefore, in a rapidly changing and digitized world, coding is an important skill for the future, and not necessarily because your child might end up working as a programmer. Coding offers transferrable disciplines that help kids to learn relevant and competitive skills whilst developing a problem-solving mindset from an early age.

However, education systems in the UK are slow to adapt, meaning not all kids are getting the grounding they need in coding which could help them to achieve their full potential.

If you have a child who is already more advanced versus what’s being taught in school or a child who shows an appetite for learning more about tech, coding lessons are a fantastic way to get them ahead.

You can read more about our coding lessons further down, including how your child could even take a computer science GCSE or A Level early with us… but first, here’s why we believe coding is an essential skill for children.

Why is coding important for the future as an essential skill?

We believe coding is important for the the future and is essential skill for kids. We’ve put together a list of just a few things that coding can help a child with. It’s not necessarily because they want to have a career in computing either, as you will see.

1: Coding builds confidence

“Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again? Most of us don’t know the first thing about what makes our laptops, smartphone or video games tick. But by giving our children a technological based education we can give them the confidence to head out into the workplace feeling well equipped.

Simply by learning the basics of coding can fundamentally change the way in which our children interact with technology. Coding is an essential skill as it can empower children to not only consume digital media and technology, but to create it.

2: Coding helps with rational and logical thinking

Most kids, when equipped with the knowledge and know-how, have the abilities to master computer coding.

Computer coding involves using the more rational (left-hand) side of your brain, which is used for linear thinking, sequencing and applying logic to most situations. Children, however, predominantly use the right-hand side of their brain in order to solve problems through imagination, visualisation and intuition.

In order to programme a computer, you need to be able to relay a structured set of instructions and break down problems in a methodical way. Therefore, coding is an important skill as it teaches and inspires children to view the world differently.

3: Coding helps with creativity and writing skills

Although computer coding sounds technical, it does require creativity, and is a lot of fun.

If children know how to code, then they can develop apps, video games, websites and more, as they watch their coding come to life.

When it comes to writing, computer programming can also let your child improve their written skills, developing a more concise and structured approach to storytelling and the English language.

When coding, a child will often realise that there will be more than one way to resolve a problem. Sometimes the more simple and efficient solution can be better.

By analysing their critical thinking and the solving of problems, it can lead to more meaningful application of written and spoken language.

4: Coding helps with core soft skills

Coding is a useful skill because once your child starts to learn to code, they will move through more and more complex processes and problems.

As they develop more complicated code, they should naturally also develop improved focus and organisational skills.

Coding can also help them to improve their resilience and communication.

5: Coding can help with future career opportunities

Most jobs require you to be computer literate, whether it is for using a sale’s till or creating a corporate presentation.

But competition in the job market is high and in order to stand out from the crowd your child needs to possess skills over and above those of their fellow peers.

Computer jobs are growing at over twice the national average, and rather than just being cool, coding is now becoming a vital skillset.

Coding is an important skill as specialists are becoming increasingly sought after as the world continues to evolve based on a digital future.

How FunTech can teach your child coding

At FunTech we run a range of term time coding lessons. After an online assessment, your child will start at the correct level for them and then progress to hopefully study online further at the FunTech Coding Academy.

We aim to be a one stop shop for all your child’s tech and coding learning. We offer structured virtual lessons with tutors in real time, with a step by step progression that potentially leads them to taking an early GSCE or A Level in computer science.

By the time your kids finish our coding programmes, their computing skills will be at university level.

But this doesn’t mean we believe your child should study computer science at university. We’ve already explained above what our reasons are for believing that coding is an essential skill for the future. The bottom line is, kids need these skills irrespective of which career path they choose.

And that’s what FunTech offers: a solid foundation in modern technology that not all schools are currently able to offer.

For more information, please explore our coding academy pages. You can book your child in for a virtual assessment or contact us for further details.

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