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What To Do On Minecraft When You’re Bored

If you’re a little bored and are looking for some more fun and engaging ways to pass the time on Minecraft, check out the boredom busting ideas we’ve put together below. With its different modes and challenges, Minecraft has something to offer players of all interests, no matter how bored they are!

1. Consider signing up to a Minecraft course

Many players get bored playing Minecraft because they no longer feel challenged. But that needn’t be the case. By signing-up to a Minecraft course at FunTech you can learn programming and coding skills, create your own mods, and be challenged to develop your own creative and technical skills.

We currently have three Minecraft courses available that are sure to alleviate your boredom:

2. Build a unique structure

Minecraft offers endless possibilities for creativity, and building unique structures is one of the most enjoyable ways to cure your boredom. Perhaps you can recreate a scene from a big historical moment, a movie you like, your own home, where you live, or something from our ideas set out below.

Underwater Base

Building an underwater base is a great way to challenge yourself on Minecraft when bored. Simply find a suitable location in the ocean and start building downwards. You will need to plan out the base’s layout in advance, taking into account the need for air pockets, windows, and storage areas.

One of the biggest challenges when building an underwater base in Minecraft is ensuring that it remains watertight. You can use blocks such as glass or prismarine to create windows and walls that keep the water out whilst still allowing light to enter. It’s also important to plan for the base’s power needs, as many Redstone components won’t work underwater.

Sky Castle

Building a castle in the sky is a great way to cure boredom when playing Minecraft. You will need to find a high location and then start to build up this time. As with the underwater base, spend some time pre-planning aspects such as rooms, staircases, and defensive structures.

You will need to make sure that your sky castle is stable and doesn’t collapse. Help this by using blocks including stone or obsidian to create a strong foundation. Also consider the castle’s power needs as many Redstone components will be required to automate various systems.

Forest Treehouse

Another thing you can do on Minecraft when bored is to build a treehouse in a forest. We love this one, as you can build a unique structure that blends into the environment. Find a suitable tree and begin building upwards again.

Like the Sky Castle, you want to make sure it won’t collapse. Support the treehouse with blocks including wood or leaves to create a natural look.

3. Mastering Redstone mechanics

Redstone can be hard to get started with, which is why it’s a great way to bust boredom with Minecraft. As we’ve already explained, we have courses you can take, and there are also plenty of tutorials on YouTube. 

Here are some project ideas you can try out if bored.

Automated Farm

Redstone can be used to automate a Minecraft farm. If you can learn to harness the power of Redstone to activate dispensers and pistons, it lets you construct farms that can harvest crops automatically and then neatly storing them in a chest for effortless retrieval later on.

This ingenious approach not only conserves time and energy for players but also provides a reliable source of sustenance.

Elevator System

Another thing you can do on Minecraft when bored is to use Redstone to create elevator systems. Redstone will let you power pistons and then create elevators to let you move quickly move between different levels of yours base or structures we suggested earlier. 

Trap Mechanisms

Finally, Redstone can also be used to create trap mechanisms. By using Redstone to power dispensers and pistons, players can create traps that can catch and kill mobs or other players. This can be a great way to protect a base or structure from unwanted visitors, or to create a fun challenge for other players.

4. Engaging in PvP Battles

If you enjoy combat games, PvP (player versus player) battles can be an exciting way to pass the time in Minecraft when you’re bored. PvP, or player versus player, involves players fighting against each other in multiplayer mode. It can be done in teams or one-on-one duels, and it requires a lot of skill to master.

You will need to find a kid-friendly server that allows it. Some servers have specific PvP arenas, while others allow PvP anywhere in the game world. Once a server is found, players can start practicing their skills by fighting against other players.

PvP battles can be a thrilling way to pass the time when bored in Minecraft but it requires a lot of skill and practice to master, and you should always be respectful of other players and follow server rules.

5. Experimenting with Mods

Minecraft is a game that really should never be called boring, on the basis of the huge array of mods that players can experiment with. Mods let you add new features, creatures, and items. 

Here are some mods you could try making in Minecraft when bored.

  • New Creatures: Mods let you add new creatures to Minecraft. You can even tame them. 
  • Advanced Technology: Mods also let you add advanced machines and gadgets to the game. 
  • Magical Elements: Mods can also let you add magical elements to the game. The Botania mod adds a new magic system lets you create flowers that can generate mana, which can be used to power magical devices. 

6. Creating Custom Maps

If you are really bored, Minecraft lets you create custom maps, which will then provide endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. It will be a fun and rewarding experience, as it lets you harness your creativity and imagination to design a unique world.

To create a custom map, use one of the various map editors such as Block Topograph, a free world viewer and editor for mobile devices. This tool allows players to view their world in detail, including the location of mobs, villages, and types of surface. Other popular map editors include Minecraft Mapmaker and WorldPainter.

In conclusion, the possibilities within Minecraft are truly endless, so if you are bored, boot it up and you’re sure to find something you can do to keep yourself entertained. 

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