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What Code Does Roblox Use? (Lua, C++, Java, or Python)

When parents are considering what type of coding course to enrol their kid in, the type of code used will be a big factor. Some programming languages are easier for kids to pick up than other, particularly if they already have some experience of them.

But that’s not always the case.

Sometimes the best way to get a child interested in programming is to relate it to a game they enjoy, such as Roblox. Often this will be the gateway to them learning how to code.

With that in mind, we wanted to explain what code Roblox uses, what code Roblox does “not” use, and how you can get your kid learning with FunTech’s courses.

What code does Roblox use?

Roblox uses Lua code. Roblox is coded with Lua, and uses relatively simple and use kid-friendly conventions so they can quickly get to grips with how to program inside the Roblox platform.

During the FunTech Roblox course, your child will learn game logic using Lua, fundamental programming concepts, 3D game design, and much more.

For more information, please browse the FunTech Roblox Game Developer course.

Does Roblox use C++?

Yes, Roblox does also use C++ as well as Lua.

When kids code with Roblox, they will be using Lua in the Roblox Studio, but some of the software used for memory management in the background has been developed with C++.

Is Roblox coded in Java?

No, Roblox does not use Java. Lua is easier to use compared to Java. Lua doesn’t use syntax that some children can struggle with. For example, there is no need to add a semi-colon at the end of every line of code in Lua, whereas you do in Java.

Does Roblox use Python?

Roblox is not written in Python, and Roblox scripting is not compatible with the Python coding language, instead using Lua as the Studio programming language.

Is Roblox scripting hard?

Just like any programming language, Lua can be hard to learn if kids are left to their own devices.

However, with the FunTech tutors helping your child with a virtual lesson or at one of our summer camps, we will lead them through the digital skills and programming concepts to create their own game.

Whether your child is a Roblox regular or beginner, they will learn how to create an obstacle course and kart racing game during a fun week of experimentation, creativity, and real-world physics. At the end of the Roblox camp week, your child will learn how to publish their projects, so they can share it with friends.

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