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Is Coding a Good Career Choice for Kids to Aim For?

Whether coding is a good career choice is a question that many parents might consider at some point during their kids’ educational path. As a leading provider of children’s tech education programs, we believe coding is a great career choice for young kids to set themselves up for.

But there’s a bit more to it than that.

Kids that learn to code don’t have to limit themselves to coding as a career choice in the traditional way to you might think. It’s a subject that can lend itself to multiple disciplines.

For example, coding is used to write instructions for electronics and machines so that they behave and respond accordingly to commands – such as play, stop or pause, etc.

Without this code, many, if not all of our electronic devices would be unable to work effectively, as they would be incapable of following any type of command. This in turn would affect almost any type of digital or electrical device – from our phones to our coffee makers, to our home entertainment systems and computers.

In fact, coding is used in many cities around the world to program important forms of infrastructure such as traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and even train turnstiles.

For that reason, it is safe to say that without code we would not be as technologically advanced as we are today and would lack many functions that make our lives easier and safer.

Additionally, we would also lose many basic things around the home that we take for granted, as well as items that make our everyday lives more comfortable.

So now that we have explained what coding is and how it benefits us, you might begin to understand the importance of coding. As a career choice, it’s an excellent option.

Coders are wanted for a variety of different reasons precisely because coding has become so prevalent in our modern world.

It goes without saying that coding is a great career choice for kids just because of its versatility. It is not a difficult task to find employment as a coder, in fact, many businesses are continuously on the lookout for them.

Is coding becoming easier to learn?

It is important to note that coding has already become more friendly for new learners and children alike over the years. Since its inception, it has changed massively and has now become more accessible.

This is due in part to a new wealth of information on the topic that can be readily found in various books and on the web – as well as the coding courses organisations like FunTech offer.

Learning the initial basics of coding is now as easy as opening up an app on your phone. It can then be taken further by signing up a course that is specifically designed to teach kids these skills.

Gone are the days in which getting to grips with coding was complicated, being replaced with much easier methods of learning. Many of which benefit all age groups of children, from around 7 years old and up.

There are other ways in which coding has changed for the better, too. For example, those interested in coding no longer have to use large bulky machines that are incredibly expensive.

Instead, they can now use their own laptops or PCs at home or wherever they may be.

For example, all the FunTech coding courses are now available online, and are set in a virtual learning environment, but with real life tutors taking classes.

Coding may eventually get even easier for children to master due to advancements in AI and other tech. Because of this, coding could potentially see an even bigger explosion in popularity.

However, whether this will or will not have a harmful outcome on the industry is a point of contention between experts. Below we take a detailed look into this issue.

Will coding ever become obsolete?

It may be a worry for some that by the time kids have learned to code it will have become a dying art, rendering the time spent learning this skill pointless.

This is a valid concern, as like with all other career choices, it pays dividends to look towards the future before fully committing to learning a new skill. Likewise, there is a concern that emerging new technology will adversely affect workers in the future.

Thankfully, there is evidence to show that coding is not likely to disappear or become obsolete any time soon. Instead, the opposite will probably happen, with the demand for coders and programmers increasing as the years go by.

In fact, with new technologies being developed at a faster rate than ever before seen in history, this uptrend is already beginning to happen.

As long as there are machines and electronics around, there will be people required to program them – that seems to be the consensus among most experts in this field.

However, there is some fear that the ever-increasing improvements of AI will have a disastrous effect on the number of people that are physically needed to code. With workers potentially being replaced with programs that will be able to code and get the job done more efficiently.

Thankfully, there is some good news when it comes to this. According to experts, AI will probably never replace humans when it comes to coding. Instead, it will likely be used as a tool to help programmers write improved software.

Much of the fear of AI comes from the belief that they will one day automate people’s jobs, making workers redundant. However, this is unlikely to happen and instead, AI is likely to create more jobs for us than it displaces.

This is not to say that AI will not learn to code one day.

However, it will probably only be capable of writing a few lines of industry-level code at a time.

Therefore, AI will likely remain vastly inferior when compared to human programmers.

Likewise, even if AI does catch up to us one day, it will likely not happen for many, many years to come.

What jobs are there that utilise coding skills?

There is no shortage of jobs in which coding skills can be put to good use.

From programming computers to developing software applications, there are many exciting opportunities that people can choose from.

Below, we have listed some of the best examples:

Web developer

Web development is one of the most popular career choices for coders and programmers. Workers in this field need to be very familiar with a multitude of programming languages, enabling them to build well-optimised websites for their clients.

In addition, web developers often earn good money, with the average salary being around £30,000 when starting out.

Furthermore, this wage can often increase dramatically depending on what region the person resides in.

Network administrator

Although network administrators usually do not need to deal with as much code as web developers, they still need coding skills to resolve issues and keep their networks working smoothly.

Furthermore, network administration is a lucrative job with workers earning around £26,000 a year. There is no shortage of jobs in this sector either as network admins are often highly sought after by large companies.

Data Scientist

If you love statistics and algorithms, then becoming a data scientist might be the ideal job. Essentially, data scientists use code to translate data into things that are meaningful.

Businesses use data scientists to manage and analyse large amounts of unstructured data which can be useful in helping them to make strategic decisions.

The median starting salary for a data scientist remains high at around £54,000, however, this salary can sustainably increase as a person becomes more experienced in the role.

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