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Other, Afrther
Day Camp
3D Game Design - Developer
31 August, 2018

banana good

i am sad going to miss my favourite tooters i have cum before and its just as good as ever

Other, Rui
Day Camp
Indie Game - Coder
30 August, 2018

Snow white and the seven dwarfs

It shocked me with excitement once I got to got better at it. Excellent

Other, Barack
Day Camp
3D Game Design - Developer
30 August, 2018

Great Course!

It was a great course - learnt so much. P.S. Arthur is da best

Other, Peppa
Day Camp
LEGO Robotics - Coder
23 August, 2018

This is my brother George

It was SOOOOOOOOO fun and i learnt lots.

Other, Oli
Day Camp
12 May, 2018


so fun loooooollllllllllllll

Other, Elliot
Day Camp
FunTyper - Touch Typing
10 August, 2017


on the first day it was very hard then on he second it got quite fun and then on the third day he started doing a tournament and it got really fun at the end of the course I was able to touch type quite fluently.

Other, Elena
Day Camp
3D Modelling & Printing
28 August, 2015

Fun Tech

Everyone is very friendly here. The girl from reception is always smiling. It makes everybody feel very good. The boys that are helping to the kids are great! The girl I am looking after is very happy to be here and she enjoyed very much the time spent in this camp. Thank you very much :)

Other, Daryl
29 July, 2013

A great start to the career

I did several courses at FunTech when I was younger - touch typing, a crash course in programming, film editing and finally my GCSE a year early. 2 years ago I graduated from university with a first class degree in Web Design. The teachers at FunTech were encouraging, helpful, age-appropriate and