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Parent, Khulud
Virtual Camp
Roblox - Designer
11 September, 2021


Rose had a great time during her sessions. It was enjoyable. I recommend this course for any one who has interests in gaming.

Parent, Jo
Virtual Camp
Roblox - Designer
20 August, 2021

Roblox Designer

Great course, which was interesting, fun and educational

Parent, Joydeep
Virtual Camp
Roblox - Designer
17 August, 2021

Child’s interest and learning

Our child has great interest in Roblox and prefers it over other games. Now she has learned to design her own games. What the childen like, they learn faster. Good training.

Parent, Martina
Virtual Camp
Roblox - Designer
16 August, 2021

Great time for my son

Timson is quiet a shy but bright boy. He needed a lot of support from me first 2 days but since Wednesday first week he was able to work by himself and speak directly to his tutor if needed. He was looking forward to lesson every day and learned a lot. End of week two he opened a lot more and was ha


Parent, Sara
Virtual Camp
Roblox - Designer
16 August, 2021

Luca absolutely loved the course!

Thank you for such a great course, my son Luca loved the course and really wants to book onto the next one. He learnt a lot of new skills and made some new friends, all round he really enjoyed it - thank you!