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What is N in Python? A Simple Explainer for Kids Learning to Code

Python is a popular programming language that kids as young as 11 years old can learn. In the working world, it is widely used in applications ranging from web development to scientific computing. But at FunTech, kids can learn how to make games using it.

During our Python courses, “n” is one of the most important concepts in Python that will be taught. But just what is “n” in Python, and how should it be used?

In Python, “n” is used to represent a new line, which is a special character that is used to indicate the end of a line of text and the start of a new one.

Examples of when to use “n” in Python

In Python, the “n” character is used in several different ways. Examples include the formatting strings, printing statements, and creating multi-line strings. This may sound complicated, but our tutors make sure kids learn Python in a fun and easy to understand format.

Understanding how to use the “n” character is essential for kids who want to make their own games, and it can also be transferred to other coding languages as it is not just exclusive to Python but is also used in Java and C++.

Understanding “n” in Python in a little more depth

In Python, “n” represents the “new line” character. It is used to indicate the end of a line of text and that you are now starting a new one. 

The new line character is represented by the escape sequence \n. This means that if you want to include a newline character in a string, you need to use the escape sequence \n.

Th character “n” is used in Python when working with text files so that the file can be properly formatted.

Here is an example: 

* print(“Hello\nWorld”)

Will output:

> Hello


There are similar commands that can be used and typed in the same format, here are some examples. 

  • \t — “tab”
  • \r — “carriage return”
  • \0 — “NULL”
  • \a — Bell or Beep
  • \b — Backspace
  • \f — Form Feed
  • \’ Single Quote
  • \” Double Quote

Please note, the backslash symbol is used to show that special character will follow. If you want to use an actual backslash in Python code, you will. Need to type a pair of them as: \\.

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