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Covid-19 | Response from founder

In a few short weeks all our lives have changed dramatically.

Firstly, I hope you and your family are well and managing to stay safe in these unprecedented times.

For my part, balancing family and running a business that employs over 20 people has certainly been a challenge.

Having over eight years experience delivering virtual classes to children, we were able to respond swiftly when the government announced the school shutdown.

We restructured our camp courses to 30 hours over a two week period, allowing time for schoolwork or other activities.

And on 2nd April we offered 150 spaces for our tutor-led virtual courses.

Because we wanted to help parents in this difficult time, we also managed to do it for a fee of £199.50 – which covered just a fraction of what it cost us to set up and run the courses.

The demand was phenomenal, and these spaces were booked in a matter of days. So I decided to open a further 200 spaces, which, as of Thursday evening (16th April) are now all booked.

Of course, I would like to continue opening spaces at this fee. However, I’m afraid that this would not be sustainable for our business.

So, due to this demand, we are going to continue offering the same format of courses during the school shutdown but at a fee that is closer to covering our costs.

If you would like to view our virtual courses, please click here.

Meanwhile, I remain optimistic that things will start to get back to normal soon – signs across Europe are positive and I hope that we are not far behind.

Kind Regards,

Sheineez Barber

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