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At What Age Can a Child Start Coding?

Your kids have probably been computer-savvy with video games, smartphones, tablets, and other electronics from a young age. They might also have started to express an interest in learning how to code and program their own games. But, is...

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2nd July 2019

Coding, Holiday Camp, Robotics, Summer Camps

The Best Summer Camps for Teens with an Inquisitive Mind

Over the last decade there has been an increase in demand for teen summer camps. They can keep your teenager active and engaged, whilst learning new skills, making friends, and seeing new places.   Whilst there are a huge variety of...

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19th June 2019

October Hafl-term camps

Coding, Engineering, Game Design, Holiday Camp, Minecraft

October half-term activities in London to help get kids’ skills up

October half-term is fast approaching, and if like many parents you still don’t have any plans for your children, then our half-term tech camps could be the perfect activity!   We run a week-long half-term activity classes in London at...

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5th October 2018

Coding Camp London

Coding, Summer Camps

5 of the best coding courses for kids in London this year

Previously on the FunTech Summer Camps blog we listed 13 reasons why you should encourage your child to learn coding skills. It’s a great way to give your child a head start for their school and college years, as well as the future.  ...

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18th July 2018

Learn to code


13 reasons why every parent should encourage their child to learn coding skills

Giving your child the best chance of success in the future, as well as aiding their educational development in their formative years is something that every parent has a desire to do.   Learning to code and program is one such way in...

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24th May 2018