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6 of the Best Coding Books for Kids of All Ages

As a parent, it can be difficult finding the right books that will help your child understand coding while making sure that they stay interested. Coding can really benefits kids, but if you’re trying to help your child grasp the concept for them to succeed, you need to give them the right tools.

As well as the wide range of fun coding lessons available with FunTech’s virtual after school classes or online holiday clubs, certain books can also help.

Getting the right books to supplement their learning is all well and good, but how do know what to look for?

Well, you don’t have to worry about doing the research on your own. We’ve listed 6 of the best coding books for kids based on the 4.5-star rating they have all received from those who have read them. Let’s go through each of the kid’s coding books so you can pick the best one.

1. Coding for Kids: Scratch

Coding should be fun and exciting for a child which is why the Coding for Kids: Scratch book is a perfect option. With the activities provided your child will be able to create their own game which can then be played.

This will help them to connect with the subject because they’ll be able to have something in the end that shows them how games are developed.

If your child is just starting, this book could be the best option to start with as it is aimed at 6 to 10-year-olds. The book is easy for them to understand as well as a lot of fun because they will still be entertained while learning.

There will be an overall of 10 games that can be created all while learning code blocks, sprites, and scorekeeping. These games will grow in difficulty as your child progresses which can then prepare them for more difficult books and tasks.

And better still, it ties in very well with the Scratch course on offer at FunTech.

2. Coding Projects in Scratch

The Coding Projects in Scratch can be a good book to continue with as it can help your child to further understand programming after they’ve already learned the basics. This book is aimed at 9 to 12-year-olds making it the perfect next step in their learning process as they move onto more advanced coding.

With the help of this book, your child will be able to create electronic birthday cards for friends and family, giving your child the opportunity to see how their knowledge and capability can grow into something unique and creative.

Computer programming may look difficult but with the help of the simulations, graphics, and games in this book, your child can breeze through it all while having fun in the process.

3. Coding for Kids in Python

Encouraging your child to learn can be difficult sometimes especially if they struggle to understand the information they are taking in. You want to make sure that you purchase any books or tools that will help keep your child interested and engaged.

With the Coding for Kids in Python, they’ll learn skills they’ll be able to use in the future. By using the programming activities in the book your children will understand the fundamentals of coding. Your child will be creatively engaged while learning the language of programming.

This book is designed to bring the concept of coding to young children to help them build confidence in their creativity. Everything that they learn from this book will help further their knowledge creatively to make it memorable as well as exciting.

This book is the perfect accompaniment for any child taking the FunTech Python course.

4. Coding Concepts for Kids

You may think it’s difficult to keep up with coding without a computer. But you can learn the fundamentals without a PC. As a result, you don’t have to buy an expensive computer for your child to start learning how to code.

There are ways for you to teach your child all they need to know just by using a book and it can be taught in a fun and challenging way using specific methods.

The Coding Concepts for Kids can teach your child all about coding with descriptive written activities in the book. Your child will be able to play games and learn at the same time, making it completely possible to learn without a computer.

This coding book will teach your children to problem solve and develop important analytical thinking skills. The activities in the book allow your children to practice algorithms, optimisation and even debugging programs.

Lastly, there are fun on-page puzzles for your children to complete that will give them a different way of practicing their coding skills.

5. Coding Games in Python

Aimed for the 9 to 12-year-olds, this book will get your child developing games while learning. It doesn’t matter if they have coding experience or not because this book is easy to follow and fun to do. Your child will follow numbered steps that will then help them create games with music.

Not only will your child learn the basics of creating their own game but once it’s complete they can continue to alter it to their preference with the other tools available to them. They’ll learn about bugs and loops, and then how to fix them.

There are also quizzes and puzzles available in this book, making your child’s knowledge of coding that much more advanced.

This is also a great book for kids to use if they wish to code outside of the FunTech Python lessons.

6. First Coding Book for Kids

They say that when it comes to learning something, it is best to start as soon as possible. The First Coding Book for Kids can be a great way for your child to start learning how to code from a young age because it’s written for 4 to 7-year-olds. It can be the stepping stone they need to be able to understand coding as they get into the more difficult parts of it.

Introducing a new subject can be difficult, especially when a child is young and in the early stages of learning other subjects too. With the activities and problem-solving tasks given in this book, your child can start learning the basics of coding right off the bat in a very fun way!


Worrying about helping your child in their early stages of learning won’t help in the long run. It could end up discouraging your child from the task, especially if both of you are getting frustrated by the learning process. It would be easier to go out there and find the best books and other tools that will assist in helping your child learn how to code.

Coding doesn’t have to be difficult when there are fun activities that can encourage your child to learn more. In the books we mentioned above there are plenty of puzzles and games that will encourage your child to want to learn more – and of course, the tutor-led FunTech coding courses.

These books are not only for the children but they also teach you how to structure lessons so you can help your child learn along the way. If you didn’t know anything about coding these books will also give you a better understanding of the concept.

To prepare your child for the fourth industrial revolution, purchase one of the books in this article so your child can learn how to code and create digital platforms in the future.

Coding books for kids are a great way to introduce and develop the crucial skills needed to thrive in tomorrow’s world… and can be a great introduction and primer for the coding courses at FunTech.

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