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Parent, Julie
Virtual Camp
Minecraft - Coder
1 November, 2021

Great course - excellent teacher

My son thoroughly enjoyed his week doing this course. He was fully immersed the whole time. Never seen him so engaged and committed to something from 9am to 5.30pm for 5 full days. Thank you.

Parent, Zeina
Virtual Camp
Minecraft - Coder
30 September, 2021

Summer camp Minecraft coding

My daughter attended this summer a Funtech camp online and she was thrilled with the content and the delivery provided by the tutor. She is definitely planning further camps. I was particularly impressed by their tech support which helped me set up and get the computer ready for the classes. Hi


Parent, Ganesh
Virtual Camp
Minecraft - Coder
20 August, 2021


Our daughter says the course was amazing and she learned lots.

Parent, Avril
Virtual Camp
Minecraft - Coder
16 August, 2021

Minecraft Game Coder

Lyndon thoroughly enjoyed his virtual Minecraft course. He found the tutor engaging and the course was well organised and structured. Lyndon has now done 6 Funtech courses (4 physical and 2 virtual) and they have all been excellent. We would highly recommend Funtech.

Parent, Sigrid
Day Camp
Minecraft - Coder
27 July, 2021

Minecraft - Coder

This was a great camp for my son and he really loved it. He had attended several other Minecraft camps before and enjoyed them enormously but he hadn't done a code writing one before so this was his first attempt. He gained a useful overview of coding terms and it was a really good experience. He le