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TotalTech - Magic of Computing
Duration: 1 Year Prep Lessons: As required
Lessons: 1 hour per week Age:* 7 to 9 years
Assignments: Optional Course Fee: £1485
Pre-requisite(s): TechStarter

Building on the skills learnt during the TechStarter Series, TotalTech covers three very exciting areas of technology: Movies, Music and Games.

TotalTech is a very popular series with all our students as it allows creativity to flourish.

Your child will learn how to make a blockbuster mini movie including using green screens – seeing is believing!

By the end of the term your child will have learnt:-

  • the elements needed to create a short movie
  • video recording and downloading techniques
  • editing techniques, applying special effects and green screen
  • to write, direct, edit, produce and star in their very own mini-movie or documentary

Topics Covered

Orientation Project Workspace | Importing and Organising Media | TV Safe Borders | Timeline/Storyboard | Properties of Media and Project Settings | Working with Clips | Time-frames | Zooming and Panning | Layers | Blending | Cropping, Splitting, Trimming and Multi-Trim | Talking Scenes | Audio, Voice over, Sound Effects, Music and Transitions | Video Transitions, Filters, Envelopes, Special Effects | Chroma Screen | Text and Titles | Camera work | Video Project

Your child will learn to create their very own interactive 2D game whilst learning the first stages of programming logic.

By the end of the term your child will have learnt:-

  • how to create, edit and implement sprites including animations
  • the concepts of constructing a game including game characters, enemies and points systems
  • conditional statements, loops and variables
  • the logic required to create a game, including assigning events and actions to objects
  • to create a user interface and menu system
  • how to produce their own interactive game using characters and enemies they have created

Topics Covered

Sprites | Animation | Objects | Events | Conditions and Logic | Actions | Consequences of Events | Playing/Looping Music | Alarms | Scores | Sleeping | Game Objectives | Main Menus | Collisions

Your child will learn the techniques required to create an excellent piece of digital music from the ground up.

By the end of the term your child will have learnt:-

  • about the different genres of music including world music
  • to construct a piece of music, understanding how the different sections come together
  • how to compose a song with verses and a chorus
  • to be a Disc Jockey by mixing and queuing tracks
  • to write, record and produce their own track which is published to mp3 format
  • to create a set of ring tones for family and friends

Topics Covered

Orientation | Media Bay, Loops and Timeline | Track Segments - Intro, Drum and Percussion, Main Sections, Middle Sections, Main Twist, Outro | Tempos, BPM | Rhythm, Repeats and Tricks | Naming and Coding | Advanced Tricks | Lead Section | Panning and Transposing | Shortcuts | Bouncing Blips | Automation Mode | Reset Track | Recording | Effects, Modulation and Reverb, Rhyme, Reverse | Write, Record and Produce your own track | MP3 | DJ Mode


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