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TechStarter - Ultimate Head Start
Duration: 1 Year* Prep Lessons: As required
Lessons: 1 hour per week Age:* All
Homework: 1 hour per week (approx.) Course Fee: £1485
Pre-requisite(s): None

The Tech Starter Series teaches your child best practice and efficient procedures for working with Technology.

Your child will learn vital skills needed to transform them into highly efficient and effective Tech users including:-

  • touch typing
  • hardware
  • software
  • data management
  • working online

Touch Typing teaches your child to type efficiently and effectively thereby reducing the risks of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and problems caused by poor bad posture whilst, ultimately, reducing the time that your child spends at the computer.

By the end of the term your child will have:-

  • correct posture and finger placement
  • correct touch typing methodology
  • learnt to type accurately (we aim for 90% accuracy)
  • developed touch typing muscle memory

Touch typing will continue to be taught throughout the remainder of the Tech Starter Series.

Topics Covered

The importance of touch typing | Difference between hunt & peck and touch typing | Understanding repetitive strain injury (RSI) | Why posture is important | Finger placement | Thumb placement | Correcting errors | Accuracy vs. Speed

Your child will learn about hardware, software, management tools and best practices all of which are essential for working in an effective and efficient manner.

By the end of the term your child will have an understanding of:-

  • hardware, including all the components inside a standard computer
  • software, including files and folder management
  • networking and topologies (internet covered in e-Buddies)
  • the importance of keeping personal digital data safe both in terms of security and viruses
  • options of where to store data safely and securely

They will also continue to develop their touch typing skills.

Topics Covered

Control Panel Management | Hardware | Software | Binary | Help Systems | Viruses and Anti-Virus Software | Networking | Web & Video Conferencing | File & Folder Housekeeping including Compression & File Types | Cloud Storage | Task Management | Touch Typing

Your child will learn about the primary aspects of working online and electronic communication. This course is regularly updated as technology in this area evolves at a constantly.

By the end of the term your child will have an understanding of:-

  • how the internet works including internet protocols
  • internet safety (including use of personal data)
  • browser management, advanced search techniques and the latest educational websites
  • cloud storage, online collaboration and private blogging

They will also continue to develop their touch typing skills.

Topics Covered

Demystifying the Internet | How the Internet works including URLs, IP Addresses, HTTP & HTTPS, TCP/IP | Browser Management | Staying Safe | Emails and Attachments | Google Plus, You Tube, BBC, News and Learning Sites | Advanced Web Searching | Short-cuts | Collaboration | Sketchpad, 3D Environment | Blogging | Basic Websites | Touch Typing


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