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TechPro - Step ahead
Duration: 1 Year* Prep Lessons: As required
Lessons: 1.5 hour per week Age:* 9+ Years
Assignments: Optional Course Fee: £1485
Pre-requisite(s): CreativeTech

Often youngsters spend hours achieving an end result, which could be completed in a fraction of the time and perhaps by the single click of a button. It’s all about knowing which tools exist and how to use them.

Most Word users are aware of only a fraction of the features that are available. This course teaches your child to produce high calibre, professional documents in a fraction of the time that they would ordinarily use.

By the end of the term your child will have learnt:-

  • to create templates, master documents and macros for repeated use
  • to set-up forms and use equations for mathematical and scientific documents
  • to export and import data to and from other applications
  • to co-author or collaborate with others using a single document
  • how to use the vast array of formatting, short cuts, dictation and translation tools

Topics Covered

Working with Text and Shortcuts | Layouts, Gridlines and Navigation | Formatting, Heading Styles, Table of Contents, Table of Authorities | Equations | Dictionaries | Importing & Exporting Data with Spreadsheets and Databases | Images, Linking and Embedding, Annotation, Watermarks | Collaboration, Co-authoring, Sky Drive | Forms | Mail Merge | Macros | Master Documents | One Note | Dictation | Translations

This course starts with the basics and progresses onto advanced concepts. Children undertaking this course will also cover mathematical principles.

By the end of the term your child will have learnt:-

  • to use a wide variety of formulae (including conditional and nested statements)
  • to utilise in built functions such as Goal Seek and What-if Analysis
  • to write macros for repeated use
  • how to debug formulae which are incorrect
  • to produce forms, charts, and perform sorting and filtering of data
  • how to export and import data to and from other applications

Topics Covered

Worksheet and Workbook Orientation | Formatting | Short-cuts | Sorts and Filters | Data Types | Cell Referencing | Formulae and Functions | Conditional Statements and Conditional Nested Statements | Validations and Advanced Validations | Debugging Formulae | Conditional Formatting | Pivot Tables and Charts | Goal Seek | What-if-Analysis | Spark-lines, Graphs and Charts | Forms | Macros | Document Inspector | CSV Files | Information Rights Management

The Database course starts by teaching normalisation and how to create a relational database.

By the end of the term your child will have learnt:-

  • how to remove redundant data and create a database schema
  • to create a data table structure with the appropriate relationships between them
  • to add validations and verifications to ensure that the data captured is what is required
  • to create input forms and printable reports
  • to create queries using Crosstabs and SQL (Sequential Query Language) for filtering, updating and appending data
  • to create Macros for repeated use
  • to work with databases over networks, setting up digital signatures

Topics Covered

Orientation | Prefixes | Data, Data Duplication, Redundancy and Normalisation | Primary and Secondary Keys | Data Types | Fields, Records and Files | Validations | Active X | Controls | Simple Queries, Complex Queries and Calculated Expressions, Updating and Appending | Reports | Advanced Normalisation | Forms and Sub-Forms | Crosstab Queries, SQL | Macros and VBA | Error Checking | Main Menu |Shared Network, Permissions, Digital Certificates, Code Sign


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