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CreativeTech - Leading the way
Duration: 1 Year* Prep Lessons: As required
Lessons: 1 hour per week Age:* 9+ years
Assignments: Optional Course Fee: £1485
Pre-requisite(s): TechStarter

The CreativeTech series covers advanced graphics, animation and developing a website from the ground up.

Your child will learn both standard and advanced skills to produce vector and bitmap graphics.

By the end of the term your child will have learnt:-

  • the technical difference between a vector and bitmap graphics
  • to create templates, symbols and libraries which make the creation of graphics more efficient
  • about different file formats and what purpose they are best suited to
  • the tools required to compose, edit, manipulate and recreate both vector and bitmap graphics

Topics Covered

Bitmap and Vector | Resolution | Workspace Orientation | Bezier Curves, points and free-form | Alignment and Grouping| Opacity | Layers | Punch Paths | Scaling | Symbols | Drawing Tools | Editing Skew and Distort, Lasso, Magic Wand, De-selection | Working with libraries | Scenes | Colours and Editing Tools, Image Filters | Life Cam | Text Tools, Installing Fonts, Creating Fonts, Paths | Composition | Importing, Exporting, PDF and other file types

This is an advanced animation course which uses industry standard techniques together with ActionScript 3 coding to produce animations including a ‘walk and talk’ cycle – if you are in the animation industry you will understand the high standard of this course.

By the end of the term your child will have learnt:-

  • to work in a complex animation environment
  • to create a simple animation of a bouncing ball
  • to develop an advanced animation of a walking and talking animated character
  • to code their animations to interact with basic user inputs and events
  • how to produce an interactive animated movie clip

Topics Covered

Workspace, Stages, Properties and Libraries | Drawing Tools | Layers | Symbols, Movie Clips and Buttons | Frames (Timeline), Onion Skinning | Tweening | Sound Animation | Text Tools | ActionScript 3 Interactivity including basic events with IF statements, Loops and variables | Interactive Movie Clips | Bones | Interactive Animations

This course will teach your child to develop and publish a fully functioning website onto the World Wide Web.

By the end of the term your child will have learnt:-

  • the protocols and tools required to create a website
  • to code and decipher HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language)
  • how to implement CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to give their website a consistent and professional feel
  • an introductory level of JavaScript, the basics of PHP, user and server side scripting (all of which enable interactivity on a website)
  • to design, code and publish their very own interactive, multimedia website onto the World Wide Web

Topics Covered

History of the Internet with Tim Berners-Lee | Internet Services, FTP, Email, POP3, HTTP, HTTPS plus more | Structure of the Internet | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | XHTML | Forms, Sprys, Live Code | Hosting and Site Management | AP DIVs, Anchors | Web Theory on Colours, Typography, Layout and Design | Development Tools in Browsers | Client Side Scripting, Java Script Basics | HTML 5 | Intro to PHP with Forms | Server Side Scripting


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