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CreativeTech & TechPro (FastTrack)

CT & TP FastTrack -
Duration: 1 Year* Prep Lessons: As required
Lessons: 1 hour per week Age:* 9+ years
Assignments: Optional Course Fee: £2500
Pre-requisite(s): TechStarter & TotalTech

Our 'FastTrack' option allows your child to complete the CreativeTech and TechPro courses in 1 year.

Your child will develop industry standard insights into a range of disciplines.

CreativeTech – Channel your child’s imagination into an extraordinary creative project. The CreativeTech series covers advanced graphics, industry-standard animation and website development. Learn more

TechPro – Learn the full scope of software tools and use them to their full potential – achieving high quality results in a fraction of the time. Learn more


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* Age is indicative only, please contact us if you have any questions.