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Summer Camps in central London that are ideal for Kids and Busy Parents

29th June, 2018

As parents we all know how tough it can be to arrange your kids’ time over the summer holidays, and even more so if you’re a busy parent or have your own working commitments.

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Game Coding for Kids

20th March, 2017

Technology is paramount in the modern world, and it will only continue developing over time. Gadgets and software is a way forward for many children in the UK, and we feel it is our duty to ensure that the willingness and passion for technology, gadgets and software does not die.

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Summer Holiday Courses in St Albans

13th March, 2017

With Summer approaching, now is the time to begin planning for activities for your children whilst they’re off for the Summer; and what better way than further education. By using our holiday courses in the UK, your child can experience dynamic learning that they can embrace for the rest of their life.

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Virtual Learning Courses For Children

27th February, 2017

Have you been struggling to find a local tech company for your child to learn valuable skills and techniques within the computing and technology sphere?

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Holiday Computer Coding Courses for Children

20th February, 2017

Do you need to find holiday computer coding courses for children? Here at FunTech, we offer an array of holiday tech courses; which are ideal for your children to not only be cared for during their holiday, but to gain useful knowledge to shape their future.

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Efficient Holiday Touch Typing Courses in Richmond

13th February, 2017

Do you want to find alternatives for your child during the summer holidays? Whether it’s half term or the end of the year, time off is a tough time for parents. You want to be able to juggle your time around fairly, but with work and your child both clashing, it’s difficult to find time for your child. Not anymore!

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Creative Courses for Children in Hampstead

06th February, 2017

Does your child have a skill or passion for computers and other technology? Here at FunTech, we embrace this admiration for technology and provide a variety of term time tech courses as well as holiday courses for children in London and the surrounding area.

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Virtual Learning Courses for Kids

30th January, 2017

Does your child want to develop their computer skills? If your child is complaining that their current ICT lessons at school are not advanced enough, then they would benefit tremendously from our selection of technology courses for kids and teens.

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Tech Holiday Courses in Richmond

23rd January, 2017

Are you a parent who is already dreading the prospect of the summer holidays this year? It may only be early into 2017, but preparation is key, especially when it comes down to your kids.

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Summer FunTyper Children's Typing Course

16th January, 2017

Does our Summer FunTyper Children’s Typing Course interest your child? Whatever the age of your child, if they are committed and hungry to learn more about the latest technology, they can go far in any one of our tech courses. Our Summer Camps are designed to keep your child engaged and learning even after their schooling term has ended for the Summer.

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