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3D Game Design Developer

Age guide: 10 to 14

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Early Bird From £275
Residential £1295 £1595

Turn passive gaming into proactive learning 

From the fundamentals of game design to essential 3D game programming concepts, your child will learn the skills required to develop a seriously impressive multi-platform video game. Our video game summer camps for kids is packed full of structured learning, practical exercises and projects guaranteed to capture the imagination and unleash creativity. 


  • Experience playing computer games.

What your child will learn

Intermediate to Advanced Skills

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Transformation (Translation, Rotation, Scale)
  • Simulated Physics
  • Editing Geometry (Extrusion, Splitting, Addition, Subtraction, Static Meshes, Collision Boundaries)
  • Landscapes (Creation, Editing, Foliage)
  • Lighting (Point Lights, Spot Lights)
  • Game Design (Planning, Difficulty)
  • Actors (Creation, Adding Components)
  • Blueprint System
  • Triggers (Zones, Invisible Walls, Switches, Buttons)
  • Triggerables (Doors, Moving Platforms, Teleporters, Spawners)
  • User Interfaces (2D Text, Editable Text)
  • Variables (Data Types, Vectors)
  • Branching

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Bring your own laptop

    Chromebooks and iPads are not supported

Important - Software Installation

  • Software required for the course must be installed prior to arriving at the camp and your child will require admin access.
  • Please note: school/work laptops may have restrictions.
  • Installation instructions will be available on your FunTech Parent portal upon receipt of full payment from 1st July.
  • Free technical support is available.
  • If course software is not installed upon arrival at the camp, FunTech will complete the installation for your child at an additional charge of £55, however, please note that your child will miss some of the course.

Minimum system requirements

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 or OS X 10.11 or later
  • Processor: Intel core i5-6500 or newer, 2.8GHz or faster or AMD Ryzen 3 1000 series or newer
  • Memory: 8GB (8,192MB) RAM
  • Free HDD space: 50GB 
  • Graphics requirements known as GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): Intel HD 630 or better
  • Hardware: keyboard, mouse, and headset with microphone

Find your computers’ tech specs:  Windows  |  Mac


Rent a FunTech laptop

    Laptops cannot be rented upon arrival at the camp.

If you prefer, you can rent a laptop from FunTech with all the software pre-installed for £60 per week. This will be an optional extra during the booking process.

About this camp

You’ve played now time to design!

With this video game design summer camp being focussed on 3D game programming for kids, your child will master visual scripting tools*, enabling them to embrace the power of coding without the complexity of programming syntax. They will learn how to create exhilarating custom behaviours and incredible game mechanics using best practices. On the coding side they will master essential programming concepts such as variables, branching, looping, events and more! This kid's video game camp also covers the basics of 3D modelling.

The focus of our kids’ video game design courses and summer camps are very much on fun. When you drop them off in the morning, you can have the peace of mind that they will be in a secure and safe environment, whilst learning the core elements in how to design their own games. 

Our kids’ video game camps are very popular and tend to fill up quickly so please book now to avoid disappointment. 

* Visual scripting tools are used in many areas of tech from game design to robotics.

Unreal, first released in 1998. Latest version UE4 is now an industry-leading game engine used by AAA level studios and indie developers.

Free to download so your child can progress at home after the summer video game camp.

Choose the camp option that’s right for you


Can I use childcare vouchers to pay for camps?

Absolutely. We accept a number of childcare voucher schemes. Please see our childcare voucher page for more details.

How long are your summer camps?

Our summer camps last for 5 days, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm (we do not offer single or 3 day camps). There is an option for early drop off (8:30am) and/or late pick up (5:30pm) each day.

Our residential camps vary slightly as we welcome students to check-in on Sunday at 5:00pm, Show & Tell is 4pm on Friday for Residential with children leaving from 4:40pm.

Please note: some locations’ start/end times may be vary: please check your welcome pack for specific details.

How long do children get for lunch? 

For Day and Residential Camps lunch break is 90 minutes and comes with the option for some activities. These vary from location to location, so please check the individual location page for more details.

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