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iGCSE - Invaluable knowledge

2017 GCSE Grades

25% A*
50% A
25% B
0% C or Below

After completing PureCoder Level 1, students can translate their skills into an academic qualification – an International GCSE in Computer Science.

Our iGSCE course will give your child an extra GCSE which is often not available in school, with many of our students achieving this qualification early. Studying for the iGSCE with FunTech will ensure that your child knows exactly what is required of them at this level.

They will learn effective study skills that will enable them to excel: our tutors will help your child with timetabling, explain how to achieve what exam boards require, teach them revision and exam techniques and much more. Your child will find these skills invaluable across other their subjects too.

If your child has not already completed our pre-requisites, they will need to attend an assessment lesson to ensure they have the required skill sets to get the maximum benefit from this course.

iGCSE StandardTrack

Added Advantage

Course Fee: £5900 Duration: 2 Years
Prep Lessons: As required (Virtual) Lessons: 1.5 hour per week
Homework: 1.5 hour per week (approx) Workshops: 2019: 18-19 February (09:00-17:00) (if required). 8-10 April (09:00-17:00)
Language: Either C#, Java or Python Skills Taught: N/A
Pre-requisite(s): PureCoder

This course is designed for students who have completed PureCoder Level 1 and want to translate their skills into a qualification.

International GCSE (iGCSE) Computer Science

The syllabus is designed to be studied over two academic years, allowing your child time to understand and master the information being taught.

The course progresses at a gentle pace and is suited for students aged 11+ years or those with very active schedules and limited available time.

iGCSE FastTrack

Added Advantage

Course Fee: £5900 Duration: 1 Year
Prep Lessons: As required (Virtual) Lessons: 3 hours per week
Homework: 3 hours per week (approx) Workshops: 2018: 11-14 February (09:00 to 15:00). 2-4 April (09:00 to 17:00)
Language: Either C#, Java or Python Skills Taught: N/A
Pre-requisite(s): PureCoder

This course is designed for high performing students who can demonstrate outstanding practical computing skills.

GCSE Computer Science

Students who opt for the Fast Track need to be highly motivated with a can-do approach: having a positive attitude is more important than being a high achiever academically.

Please note: The examination period for the iGCSE does not start until 2019. Please contact us if you would like discuss a fast track option.


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