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FunTyper - Touch Typing - Skill for Life
Duration: 1 Year Prep Lessons: As required
Lessons: 1 hour per week Age:* 6+
Assignments: 1 to 1.5 hours per week (approx.) Course Fee: £1485
Pre-requisite(s): None

At FunTech, we are passionate believers that touch typing is a core skill that all children should be taught. As computers become an ever more integral part of the education process, the ability to type quickly, efficiently and easily is becoming even more essential.

For example, many A Level Computing students are required to sit their exam on the computer, which makes typing effectively even more important, saving time, reducing mistakes and thereby enhancing performance on the day. This is just one of the consequent benefits your child would receive from attending regular FunTyper classes.

Children who can touch type complete both class and homework faster, and with fewer errors. It's also great for self-confidence, and significantly reduces every child's risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Limb Disorder (LD).

In addition, FunTyper is an excellent tool for making typing accessible to children with special educational needs. Our system is recommended by education psychologists and special needs teachers, and is great way to help pupils unlock their true potential.

  • A structured touch typing programme that will ensure your child learns to touch type effectively, using the correct methodology, leading to excellent touch typing muscle memory, accuracy and speed.
  • Course focuses on ensuring that your child works on the correct touch typing practises and accuracy, rather than speed, which will come naturally when muscle memory is built.
  • This course utilises our unique FunTyper software which offers interactive and motivational modern games based around leader boards, challenges and so much more.
  • It removes the tedium of practising, as your child will perceive FunTyper as ‘Playing’ games rather than ‘Practising’ their touch typing, which is what they are actually doing.


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