• Pre-requisites
  • Course duration
    1 Year
  • Weekly lessons
    1 hour per week
  • Reports
    Every term
  • Recognition
    End of year certificate

Fundamentals e-Buddies Office Essentials


  •  Touch Typing

About this module

  • A structured touch typing programme that will ensure your child learns to touch type effectively, using the correct methodology, leading to excellent touch typing muscle memory, accuracy and speed.
  • Course focuses on ensuring that your child works on the correct touch typing practises and accuracy, rather than speed, which will come naturally when muscle memory is built.
  • This course utilises our unique FunTyper software which offers interactive and motivational modern games based around leader boards, challenges and so much more.
  • It removes the tedium of practising, as your child will perceive FunTyper as ‘Playing’ games rather than ‘Practising’ their touch typing, which is what they are actually doing.



Course fee and payment plan


(10 payments)

Total cost: £1485


Additional fees

Assessment Lesson (credited upon enrolment): £35.00 | Enrolment Fee: £55.00 | Catch up lesson: £25 per lesson

Virtual learning, real results


We’re redefining the way children learn by using the latest virtual tools. Our state-of-the-art virtual learning platform enables tutor-led home study through innovative business-grade tools.

Your child can log in from anywhere and attend scheduled lessons using virtual tools to communicate with their tutor and class friends.

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The FunTech Methodology


A learning


We assess each child as an individual and recommend a tailored tech learning path that will enable them to unlock their full potential. 

to engage


Engagement and technology are at the core of our teaching strategies, with small class sizes guided by technology subject specialists.

is the key


We have a structured, project-based curriculum that’s continuously refined by our in-house development team to keep it ahead of the curve.

Virtual learning,
real results


Using a state-of-the-art virtual learning platform, we deliver tutor-led classes in real-time with a 1:8 tutor student ratio.


What does a virtual class mean?

A virtual class is a scheduled interactive online lesson delivered by FunTech.

All our virtual software is Citrix driven and so extremely safe

How does the virtual class work?

All students receive a virtual orientation lesson before the start of their course.

For each lesson, your child will receive an email invitation containing a link allowing them to log onto our virtual classroom. We schedule a maximum of eight students who are predominately based in the UK, however, a few of our students have moved abroad due to parents work commitments and therefore log in from further afield.

The lessons themselves are the exact same as is delivered in our physical classroom. Through our virtual classroom environment, your child has the option to raise their hand, ask questions and also speak to the other students in their class (though we do have a mute all option '- just in case!)

FunTech teachers are able to pass control of their monitor to an individual student or share it amongst all the students. With permission, we can take control of a students' monitor to demonstrate concepts, share common mistakes or outstanding work as we would in a physical classroom.

All our virtual software is Citrix driven and so extremely safe

What do we need to join a virtual class?

Good internet connection, headphones with a microphone and a computer.

All our virtual software is Citrix driven and so extremely safe

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