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LEGO Robotics Robot Wars
Age guide: 11 to 14
98% recommended
Day Camp £595
Residential Camp 2021 - TBC

Engineer. Code. Test. Battle. 

Your child will design and build an EV3 LEGO robot. They will learn to use command tools to make complex programs including pathfinding algorithms and gyroscopic navigation. During the week they will test their robot in events such as Maze Mapper and Cube Control. At the end of the week, after making adjusts to improve the performance and durability, they will be ready to compete against each other in Robot Wars! 

What your child will learn

  • Creative Expression
  • LEGO Mindstorms
  • LEGO Robot Construction
  • Visual Programming (Procedural Design, Algorithms, Sequence/Parallel, Node-based)
  • Fundamental Programming Concepts (Branching/Conditions, Looping/Iteration, Variables)
  • Robotics (Solve Problems, Perform Tasks, Automate)
  • Sensors (Touch, Gyroscope, Colour, Ultrasound, Rotation) 
  • Advanced Programming (Functions, Parameters/Arguments, Return Values)
  • Test and Troubleshoot Programs


About this camp

An in-depth introduction to Robotics, from hands-on construction to algorithms and navigation. Code-a-Bot: Robot Wars will take your child on a theoretical and practical journey through engineering, creativity, problem solving, visual coding and lots more!

Using the latest LEGO technology, and our progressive curriculum, your child will be immersed in a series of demonstrations, exercises, and tasks. After a 360° orientation of the different sensors and motors available, your child will construct and customise their LEGO robot.

Progressing from construction into the world of coding using LEGO’s Mindstorms visual scripting tool your child will learn coding constructs such as branching and looping. Using these constructs, they will learn to implement advanced AI coding concepts.

At 4pm on Friday family and friends are invited to the Lego summer camp ‘Senior Grand Finale’ - where your child will prepare, code and fine tune their bot to participate and compete in three events that test speed, intelligence and robustness.



Can I use childcare vouchers to pay for camps?

Absolutely. We accept a number of childcare voucher schemes. Please see our childcare voucher page for more details.

How long are your summer camps?

Our summer camps last for 5 days, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm (we do not offer single or 3 day camps). There is an option for early drop off (8:30am) and/or late pick up (5:30pm) each day.

Our residential camps vary slightly as we welcome students to check-in on Sunday at 5:00pm, check-out is Friday at 5:30pm. There is an option to extend your stay until Sunday at 2:30pm.

Please note: some locations’ start/end times may be vary: please check your welcome pack for specific details.

How academic are the courses?

We take pride in delivering courses that are both academic and most importantly, fun. No matter which class, your child will come away having learnt a lot, but not through ‘rote.’. We have top quality tutors who are great at engaging children and inspiring them. This is not about ‘playing games’ all day.

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Post-camp learning

Make your child’s holiday camp experience last the whole year!
FunTech OnBoard is a series of weekly tech challenges designed to follow on from their tech camp experience, consolidating the new skills they have learned and continue their tech development.

Only £95 for the whole year (if booked at the same time as your camp).

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