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LEGO Robotics Virtual Bots

Age guide: 7 to 10

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5 days (Full Day) £475 £575
Residential £1295 £1595

Virtual Lego Robot Coding!

Your child will design, build, and code a Virtual Lego Robot.

Learning about actuators, (motors) and sensors, such as Ultrasonic, Gyro and so on, your child will have a fundamental understanding of the Input, Process and Output system.

Whilst developing logical and critical thinking skills, your child will learn to implement fundamental coding constructs, such as variables, conditional statements, loops and so much more.

Their problem solving and coding skills will be put to the test, as they tackle exciting projects and competitions, for their Virtual Lego Robot to achieve.

What your child will learn

Intermediate to Advanced Skills

  • Design and Build a Virtual Lego Robot
  • Importing Virtual Lego Robot to Coding Platform
  • Manual Control
  • Lego Virtual Brick (On Button Pressed, Images, Moods, Numbers)
  • Motors (Basic, Running, Tank, Stopping, Steering, Pausing)
  • Sensors (Touch, Colour, Ultrasonic, Gyro, Infrared)
  • Logic (Conditional, Comparison, Boolean)
  • Loops (Repeat, While, For)
  • Coding Projects and Competitions

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Bring your own laptop

    Chromebooks and iPads are not supported

Important - Software Installation

  • Software required for the course must be installed prior to arriving at the camp and your child will require admin access.
  • Please note: school/work laptops may have restrictions.
  • Installation instructions will be available on your FunTech Parent portal upon receipt of full payment from 1st July.
  • Free technical support is available.
  • If course software is not installed upon arrival at the camp, FunTech will complete the installation for your child at an additional charge of £55, however, please note that your child will miss some of the course.

Minimum system requirements

Please note this course requires a Windows operating system

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 8.1 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3210 / AMD A8-7600 APU or equivalent 
  • Memory: 8GB (8,192MB) RAM
  • Free HDD space: 2GB 
  • Graphics requirements known as GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): any GPU that supports OpenGL 4.4
  • Hardware: keyboard, mouse, and headset with microphone

Find your computers’ tech specs:  Windows  |  Mac


Rent a FunTech laptop

    Laptops cannot be rented upon arrival at the camp.

If you prefer, you can rent a laptop from FunTech with all the software pre-installed for £60 per week. This will be an optional extra during the booking process.

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