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Virtual Camps | Terms & Conditions

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Admission to FunTech

Our camps are offered to children aged between 7 and 16 years. If at the start of the camp, your child is not within these age requirements, you will be asked to move them to a suitable camp (camps are non-refundable).

Hardware Technical Requirements

Requirements for each course can be found at the bottom of the courses page, which can be found on the FunTech website by going to Holidays, Virtual Camps, FunTech Virtual Camps, Explore our Courses and selecting the relevant course.

Using your computer

FunTech cannot take responsibility if during the course it is found that the minimum system requirements and internet speeds are not met for the course booked.

Renting a Virtual Machine from FunTech

FunTech will ensure that the minimum system requirements for the course booked are met and the correct software has been installed. FunTech cannot take responsibility if during the course it is found that the minimum internet speeds are not met for the course booked.

Software Requirements

When a course has been purchased and paid for, installation instructions will be available in your FunTech account. This will include links of where the software can be downloaded, instructions on how to download, install and test that the software has been installed correctly.

Software self-installation

FunTech cannot take responsibility if during the course it is found that software has not been installed correctly or not installed at all.


For effective delivery of virtual courses, you are consenting to the following: -

  1. FunTech has remote access to the computer
  2. If webcam in use, then your child’s video image to be shared with the tutor and group. FunTech will provide a greenscreen background
  3. FunTech tutor to mute communication from a child with the rest of the group if a child’s behaviour is deemed disruptive or unacceptable
  4. Use of 3rd party software to deploy the virtual courses to your children’s computer screens and view your children’s computer screens to monitor progress and offer assistance.
  5. FunTech is not responsible for 3rd party software issues.
  6. All sessions will be recorded for safeguarding and quality control purposes. This will be stored securely according to GDPR rules and regulations and deleted one week after the completion of the course.

Operational Procedures

Late Arrivals, Early Departures or Absence

  1. We cannot guarantee admission if login to the class is later than 15 minutes from the start time.
  2. We cannot guarantee that if your child logs out before the end of the class, or is absent for any reason, that we can catch-up the content that was missed.

Suspension and Expulsion

FunTech reserves the right to suspend or remove any student. We expect every child to behave in a considerate and respectful manner to our staff and other students. We operate a yellow and red card system. If your child receives a red card, we reserve the right to remove them from the course. Under such circumstances, FunTech will be under no obligation to return any fees.


Fees must be paid in full before your child is able to join the virtual course.

Foreign Payments and Bank Charges

Please ensure that you have settled any bank charges associated with international payments and full fees reach FunTech prior to the start date of the course. For foreign payments made via bank transfer please ensure you include your FunTech booking reference when making the payment.

Please note: where FunTech may be due to issue a refund to an international bank account, any bank charges associated with this transfer will be deducted.


Cancellation by FunTech

A minimum of 4 pupils is required for the camp to run. FunTech reserves the right to cancel the camp, no later than 5 days prior to course commencement date. Should a camp be cancelled by FunTech, credit will be applied to your FunTech Parent Account where you can:

  1. Book another course or private lesson
  2. Request a refund
  3. Leave as a credit on your account

Cancellations by Force Majeure

In the event that FunTech has to cancel a course due to exceptional circumstances such as fire, natural disasters, notifiable diseases or occurrences of an unforeseeable nature, government intervention, directives, policies or an event deemed beyond FunTech’s control a full refund will be processed within 5 working days of the cancellation date.

Cancelling your Booking

Refunds are dependent on the promotion and/or the amount of notice that you give us.

Cancellations must be made by email via your FunTech Account message centre or Proof of cancellation is only accepted if you have a confirmation message from FunTech. We do not accept cancellation by telephone or any other methods.

Flash Sale Bookings

Camp fee is non-refundable.

Early Bird Sale Bookings

Camp deposit non-refundable.

Notice period for balance

  • 40 days plus = Fee paid less deposit
  • 39-31 days = 50% of fee paid less deposit
  • 30 days or less = No refunds given

Full Fee Bookings

Camp deposit non-refundable.

Notice period for balance

  1. 40 days plus = Fee paid less deposit
  2. 39-31 days = 50% of fee paid less deposit
  3. 30 days or less = No refunds given

Camp Swap

The Camp Swap feature offers flexibility for all holiday camp bookings. Your booking may be swapped for an unlimited number of times between all available FunTech camps, provided:

  1. A request is received two weeks prior to a course booking date
  2. There are spaces available on an alternative course

Our Safeguarding and Complaints policies are available on our website or by request.


Method of Payment

  • Credit Cards / Debit Cards
  • Direct Bank Transfer - bank details below

FunTech Ltd Bank Details: Lloyds TSB Bank, High Street, Maidenhead. Berkshire. SL6 1JS

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FunTech Limited
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