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Terms & Conditions

Admission to FunTech

Admission to the FunTech is at the discretion of the Principal or delegates. No student may be admitted until the Enrolment Form has been completed and the terms and conditions signed by both parents or legal guardian and returned to FunTech, together with the enrolment fee of £55.

Tuition and Examination Fees are Non-Returnable

No reduction in fees is made in respect of absence from FunTech during any part of the official term, whether on account of illness or any other cause.

Late Arrivals, Early Departures or Missing Lessons

For students arriving late, leaving early or missing a lesson, FunTech may request that he or she take supplementary individual tuition at the rates stated below (under Catch-up Fee).

FunTech Authority

FunTech reserves right to take steps it reasonably believes to be necessary to maintain discipline, ensure safety and wellbeing of staff and students.

Suspension and Expulsion

FunTech reserves the right to suspend or remove any student whose attendance, work or behaviour is, in their reasonable opinion, unsatisfactory. Under such circumstances, FunTech will be under no obligation to return any fees.


All fees are payable as stated below:-

Yearly: Fees must be paid either before or during the first two weeks of the first term.
Termly: Fees must be paid before or during the first week of term.
Monthly: First payment must be made one month prior to the commencement of the course and completed by the month stated below (under Fully Paid By). Monthly payments must be received into the FunTech bank account by the 5th of each month.
Private: Fees must be paid within 14 days of the tuition
Holiday Camps: Fees must be paid prior to attend the camp

Late payments will be subject to an automatic £20 late fee being added to your account for each month until fees are up to date.

To avoid any late fees added to your account, simply fill valid debit/credit card details below and if a payment is late, instead of adding a late fee to your account we will simply charge the outstanding amount to your card, please remember to tick the option overleaf.

Withdrawal from the Course

One term’s notice is required for withdrawal from the Junior Launch Pad and Stepped Approach Series. All other courses, you are making a commitment for the full duration of the course.

Final Note:

It is your responsibility to monitor standing order payments are being made regularly into the FunTech account. Please contact your own bank to arrange the standing order.