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Term Dates

Please find below our 2018 term dates. These dates apply to our term time Centre Lab lessons, FunTech Virtual and FunTech OnBoard.

Summer 2018

First Part: 17-Apr to 26-May
Half Term: 28-May to 02-Jun
Second Part: 04-Jun to 07-Jul

Winter 2018

First Part: 24-Sep to 20-Oct
Half Term: 22-Oct to 27-Oct
Second Part: 29-Oct to 15-Dec

Spring 2019

First Part: 7-Jan to 16-Feb
Half Term: 18-Feb to 23-Feb
Second Part: 25-Feb to 30-Mar

Summer 2019

First Part: 22-Apr to 25-May
Half Term: 27-May to 1-June
Second Part: 3-June to 13-July