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Summer Camps
in Marylebone

You have a choice of 12 coding & tech camps, including 5 new courses, for your child to attend this summer at our Marylebone location.

About this location

Summer camps are held at St. Marylebone CE School, and run Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Wrap around care is available – 8:30am for early drop-off and/or 5:30pm for late pick-up.

Tutors: DBS, First Aid trained & FunTech certified

Class size: Average of 6 children per tutor (max 8)

Screen Breaks (10 mins): 2 x AM and 2 x PM

Lunch Break: 60 minutes

Students: Successful completion certificate

FunTech: Over 25 years’ experience

In good weather, children will be outside during break times to get some fresh air. At lunch time they will engage with a different physical activity each day, such as capture the flag. In bad weather, they’ll relax in the communal areas to chat with friends or play board games.

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