LEGO Robotics - Virtual Bots

Virtual Lego Robot Coding!

Your child will design, build, and code a Virtual Lego Robot.

Learning about actuators, (motors) and sensors, such as Ultrasonic, Gyro and so on, your child will have a fundamental understanding of the Input, Process and Output system.

Whilst developing logical and critical thinking skills, your child will learn to implement fundamental coding constructs, such as variables, conditional statements, loops and so much more.

Their problem solving and coding skills will be put to the test, as they tackle exciting projects and competitions, for their Virtual Lego Robot to achieve.

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What your child will learn

  • Design & Build a Virtual Lego Robot
  • Importing Virtual Lego Robot to Coding Platform
  • Manual control
  • Lego Virtual Brick (On button pressed, Images, Moods, Numbers)
  • Motors (Basic, Running, Tank, Stopping, Steering, Pausing)
  • Sensors (Touch, Colour, Ultrasonic, Gyro, Infrared)
  • Logic (Conditional, Comparison, Boolean)
  • Loops (Repeat, While, For)
  • Coding Projects & Competitions

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Tech camp in action

Virtual course

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