Unity - Game Coder

Game Development using C#

During this course, your child will explore the popular game engine Unity, using the C# programming language to create exciting interactive games.

As well as learning fundamental scripting techniques, they’ll see how these are applied in the ever-growing industry of game development, equipping them with the skills to create a diverse selection of 2D games.

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What your child will learn

  • Unity 
  • C# Introduction 
  • Game Objects (Creation, Components) 
  • Sprites (Import, Creation, Sprite Sheets) 
  • Transformation (Translation, Rotation, Scale) 
  • Rigidbodies (Colliders, Force, Acceleration) 
  • Collisions (Detection, Reaction) 
  • Audio (Looping, Sound Effects, Filters) 
  • User Interface (Text, Font, Updating, Timers) 
  • Tilemaps (Creation, Painting, Collisions)
  • Animations (Clips, Controller)
  • Controlling Animations Through Scripts
  • 2D Platformer Characters (Sprites, Animations, Controls, Physics)
  • Physics (Velocity, Acceleration, Gravity)
  • Cameras (Following a Game Object, Damping, Dead Zones, Look Ahead)
  • Creating 2D Platforming Game

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Tech camp in action

Virtual course

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