Roblox - Lua Coder

Lua Scripting in Roblox Studio

Your child will use the popular gaming platform Roblox to create their own unique games by scripting their own programs and systems in Lua, culminating in the creation of multiplayer experiences.

At the end of the course, your child will be able to create elaborate interactive games, using the logic of events and actions, iteration, inventory management and much more!

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What your child will learn

  • Roblox Studio 
  • Lua Introduction 
  • Editing Scripts (Colour, Material, Physics) 
  • Coding Basics (Output, Variables) 
  • Branching (If, Else, Else If) 
  • Iteration (While Loops, For Loops) 
  • Events (Collisions, Triggers, Models, Spawning, Despawning, Player) 
  • Inventory (Creating Items, Adding Items, Equipping Items, Dropping Items) 
  • Item Events (Activating, Equipping, Unequipping) 
  • Multiplayer (Team Management, Lobbies, Team User Interface)
  • Multiplayer Lua (Events, Score Management, Global/Team Timers)
  • Creating Multiplayer Games
  • Persistent Data (Player Data, Saving Data, Loading Data, Autosaves, Save On Exit)
  • Screen User Interfaces (Text, Buttons)
  • Screen User Interfaces Lua (On Click Events, Editing Text)

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