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Play and Learn with Roblox 

At this Roblox summer camp, we take the popular gaming platform Roblox to teach digital skills and programming concepts. Whether your child is a Roblox regular or beginner, they will learn how to create an obstacle course and kart racing game during a fun week of experimentation, creativity and real-world physics. At the end of the Roblox camp week, your child will learn how to publish their projects, so they can share it with friends. 

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What your child will learn

  • Project Setup, Adding Models and Media
  • How to Create an Obstacle Course
  • Elements of 3D Level Design (Platforms, Spawn Areas, Hazards, Power-ups)
  • Game Logic using LUA
  • Fundamental Programming Concepts (Variables, Functions)
  • Publishing on Roblox
  • Terrain Shaping
  • Real World Physics (Speed, Torque, Friction)

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Tech camp in action

About this camp

The excitement starts with an introduction to Roblox Studio and setting up their project.

From there, Students will create an obstacle course filled with moving platforms, explosive hazards, and more! They’ll also have an introduction to programming concepts such as variables that are transferrable to any language they choose to move onto later in life.

After adding the finishing touches (power-ups, of course!) they’ll learn how to publish their game and share it with friends. Then it’s time for the masterpiece: a kart racing game. Whose terrain will be the most challenging? Whose kart will have the most realistic physics? Everyone will have to play each other’s game to find out.

Roblox Game Developer provides a world of possibility that can help your child unleash their creativity and build skills for the future using a game they already know and love.

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Virtual course

Virtual courses have minimum tech spec requirements, details can be found on the description page.

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