Python L2 Coding

For children who have already taken their first step into coding, or completed the Python L1 Coding course, the Python L2 Coding course will expand their coding skillset into Object Oriented Programming. 

Object Oriented Programming uses Objects and Classes, rather than a ‘top-down’ approach. This will let you child code much more complex projects, such as coding a game GUI or making programs that can search a database. 

Functions, Inheritance, Data Structures, Recursion & Iteration are just some of topics your child will learn as they develop their computational thinking and coding skills as they make projects that will leave them proud of their achievements.

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What your child will learn

  • Functions (Parameters, Arguments, Return Data, Multiple Parameters, Return Multiple Data Items + None, Reference, Documentation) 
  • Reusing Code 
  • Global Variables 
  • Try & Catch Statements 
  • File Handling (Reading, Creating, Writing To, Deleting) 
  • Recursion & Recursion vs Iteration 
  • 2D Lists 
  • Quick Sort (Split list, Merge list) 
  • Classes and Objects (Instance Function, Overriding Function, Inheritance, Encapsulation) 
  • GUI using TKinter ( Windows, Text Labels, User inputs, Drawing, Pack, Margins, Padding, Frames) 
  • Events (Mouse, Keyboard, Motion) 
  • Data Structure (Queues, Graphs, Trees & Tree Traversal) 

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Tech camp in action

Virtual course

Virtual courses have minimum tech spec requirements, details can be found on the description page.

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