Minecraft - Mod Developer

Does your child LOVE Minecraft? Then expand their skills from player to Modder!  

This creative and fun Minecraft summer camp is packed full of learning, experimentation, problem solving and creativity. Once your child has mastered the secrets of Minecraft such as brewing potions and conquering the Nether – they will learn how to Mod a variety of different items that will take their Minecraft skills way beyond the basics. 

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What your child will learn

  • MCreator
  • Textures (Blocks, Items, Armour)
  • Mod Blocks (Hardness, Material)
  • Mod Crafting Recipes (Crafting Table, Furnace)
  • Mod Items
  • Mod Tools (Efficiency, Harvest Level)
  • Mod Weapons (Melee, Ranged)
  • Mod Armour (Enchantment Effects)
  • Event Basics (Block, Item, Tool)
  • Mod Food (Satiety)
  • Mod Crops (Farming, Growth)
  • Custom Skins
  • Mod Creatures (Behaviours, Passive, Cowardly, Curious, Flying)
  • Mod Monsters (Behaviours, Attack)
  • Mod Bosses
  • Events (Mobs)
  • Structures (Templates, Structure Blocks)
  • Mod Biomes (Biome Blocks, Creatures, Colour)
  • Mod Dimensions (Biomes, Gate Blocks, Activator)

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Tech camp in action

About this camp

At our Minecraft summer camp your child’s adventure begins by uncovering the secrets in Minecraft whilst learning about subjects such as the mechanics of water, tertiary colours and so on.

Once secrets are uncovered, they will learn how to mod (modify) Minecraft by understanding how blocks, items, creatures and the Minecraft world itself works in the back-end. They then progress onto learning how to create and configure properties, functions and textures of these fundamental elements of the game. Functions determine how a mod performs and they are only limited by your child’s imagination and can be as wide ranging as making it rain sheep or creating an explosion when you step on a special block!

Once your child has mastered this level of modding at our Minecraft camp they will be able to design, implement and test a variety of different types of mods, such as blocks, tools, creatures, dimensions and so on – unleashing the unlimited number of exciting possibilities for your child to mod.

Please enquire today to find out which Minecraft coding camp is near you. Our summer Minecraft camp is extremely popular and tends to sell out very quickly due to limited availability.

Minecraft is the second best-selling video game of all time.


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Virtual course

Virtual courses have minimum tech spec requirements, details can be found on the description page.

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